Friday, October 12, 2012

Evil Dead 2 : Dead by Dawn Original Theatrical Trailer

Evil Dead II (1987)

Yikes! Life has once more taken thrall of me and sucked into its mediocre hustle! Busy Busy Busy.. That is the life of a person.

Well it's October!!! Whooo!!!!! Scary season time!! Costumes!! Excuses to buy costume accessories! I love Halloween and I am one of the biggest weenies in the world. I am terrified of anything scary. Yet being the hypocrite that I am, I am fascinated by the genre. I squeal, shriek, my heart pumping out of my eyeballs but I still go back for more. Weird? Oh yeah

Lets start off October with one of the most referenced movie in Geekdom. A movie that I long believed to be gory beyond humanity. A movie that has spawned a HUGE cult following. And it stars one of the best ham actors of all: Bruce Campbell.

You must know that I am referring to "Evil Dead 2" (I'm assuming you read in the title. As for "Army of Darkness"? I will watch that soon enough. Relax).

I've known about "Evil Dead 2" for a very long while now. A memory pops up: walking through a VHS rental store that my mother's friend managed, I always challenged myself to walk through the horror section. As my mom chatted up in the fast talking gossip cloud, I would wander away from the saccharine covers of children's movies to the dark aisle filled with terrifying covers. I would muster enough courage to pick up maybe 1 or 2 VHS covers before jerking my fingers back, I always felt this overwhelming sense of doom emanating from the boxes. As if by touching them, I was slowly corrupting myself (Eh, it wasn't that far from the truth). I remember almost touching the "Hellraiser" box before freaking out and accidentally knocking over other covers. One of the covers I picked up was "Evil Dead 2". I remember staring at the cover. A smirking skull with eyes peering at me. I remember wondering why it looked so funny yet scary. Then my mother yanked the cover away from my hands and placed it back on the shelf. In an instant, another "Land Before Time" movie was in my hand.

It took many, many, many years to be convinced to watch this movie. It took a stubborn horror buff boyfriend and a food coma induced by his delicious cooking to plunk me down into the futon and pop in the DVD.


Ok lemme back up and explain the movie. "Evil Dead 2" is a sort-of-but-not-really re-make of "Evil Dead". Which I haven't seen nor am I interested in watching it. As far as I'm concerned, this is a stand alone movie.
We are following the horrific adventures of Ash, played by Bruc Campbell. Who is hot beyond compare!!! Chiseled jaw and everything!! Ash and girlfriend are about to have a romantic outing in a lone cabin when they accidentally invoke demon that possesses everything and some zombies.

That is all I'm gonna say on the plot. This movie is something that has to be experienced. It uses very clever camera angles, techniques, gimmicks, and gadgetry to create this amazing horror atmosphere. I am really impressed with how complicated and crazy these puppets were. Growing up in a time where 3D manipulation is touted as evolutionary, it was with bittersweet feelings that I wish more movies like this existed. Everything about the production spoke of passion and appreciation for genre. You have to be a huge fanatic to spend that much time and energy to obsess over a detail like a how head being flung over a log should look. Sam Raimi is just an absolute genius.Bravo!!

Bruce Campbell. What can I say that hasn't been said? Watch this movie and you'll see why he's so loved in the geek community. He's such a great facial actor and an unbelievable stuntman. There is this amazing scene where he is fighting his possessed hand. He is thrashing himself all over the kitchen smashing his body in such a way that you truly believe he is possessed. And to top it off, he manages to flip himself over. No mat, no wires, no nothing. He just grabs himself and flips him over. And the flight through the car? Wowza!

There are definitely some good scary moments. I jumped so many damn times. I was genuinely terrfied of the evil mists. I can tell it's fake but the atmosphere was so well done that  my heart was pumping everytime Ash tried to run or fight the evil. For an evil that wasn't throughly established other than being summoned from the book of the dead and possessing people, it was freakin' scary!!! And the zombies??! Or vampire zombies? Or whatever they were?!?! Scary!!!! It's amazing how many people die in this movie....

The movie ends kinda odd involving some time travel that was foretold earlier in the movie. This ultimately leads to "Army of Darkness" which I will get around to watching.

How much more can I gush about this movie without making you vomit? All I can end with is : Watch this movie if you haven't already!! And it's October so if your available to catch it at a midnight showing, do so! I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for a showing!!

Ok folks, The countdown for LONG BEACH COMIC CON has begun! This is a great comic convention to go to! It's manageable, the area is awesome, and it has great atmosphere! Plus a very special artist that is important to me is exhibiting that everyone should check out!