Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

When I'm in a pretty low mood or feeling pretty lonely I will pop in the most classic , no fail, always awesome Pride and Prejudice. I don't care what your favorite romantic movie , you owe it al to Pride and Prejudice. It is the original archetype for romance and it will always be.

I bow my head humbly to Miss Jane Austen, the author who gave us other lovely novels for us to cherish. I don't care much for other novels, though. ::makes a dismissive hand motion::

Pride and Prejudice is a classic story that is powerful enough to translate through words an movies over and over again. There are countless of television versions, TV mini series, adaptations ( or glorified fan fiction as far I'm concerned). Hell, there's even a version of the story with zombies.

Pride and Prejudice is a story of misinformation and romance. There is a family of five daughters, one of which is named Elizabeth Bennet.All the daughters are aiming to marry and have their sighs aimed rich men. One new bachelor is Mr. Darcy.

Ooooooo Mr. Darcy. Ooooooo yeah.
The ultimate emo, brooding romantic man. Every female who has read and/or watched the story has heir own reason for falling in love with Mr. Darcy. Why is he so amazing? For me, it's his kind and caring romantic nature underneath his stern and brooding nature...ahhh swooon.

Alot of people have seen the version with Colin Firth. I love Colin Firth but the 2005 version with Keira Knightly. I am not fond of Keira Knightly (oh she killed whatever she called acting potential in the third Pirates of the Caribbean"). No. It is because of the beautiful casting the filmmakers did of Mr. Darcy.

Matthew Macfayden. Oh dear me.
He was AWESOME as Mr. Darcy. He had everything. The kind, dark eyes. The tall, strong physique. The deep, oh so deep, voice.

My favorite, absolutely favorite scene is towards the end. When he walks toward her in the mist. Oh. my. goodness. That is the most romantic scene. That is when I start to squeal and rock back and forth. All the build up through the movie has led to this one scene. OH and it's amazing.

With a classic movie suc

h as Pride and Prejudice that you have only two options when it comes to making a movie of it. Either you can play the movie as it goes in the book or make an interpretation of the story. I feel that trying to do the first is just plain boring. It's way better to just read the novel instead. You get a much more personal and enrich experience out of it.

I much prefer interpretations. Most of the time, the filmmakers grew up loving the story and wants to show their own appreciation for it. The other more recent example is "Iron Man" directed by Jon Favreau. The movie may not cover all the aspects of the story but you can tell it as done with love.

This version of Pride and Prejudice is done in a beautiful and musical way. The tone and mood of the movie is dominated by the beautiful music in the background. Knightly isn't too bad as Elizabeth. She actually played it every well. She didn't overshadow the other amazing characters of the movie. Although her head seem really huge in this movie sometimes.

The casting was just phenomenal. It wasn't too hard to imagine the characters they were to portray.

There are just so many awesome scenes. The dancing part. The rain part. Oh so many scenes! They've all inspire such comforting and warm feelings within me.

I can go on and on on how much I love this version. There are alot of versions and interpretations. Some of them are funny ("Bridget Jone's Diary") while others make you cock your head and wonder why? ( as in "Bride and Prejudice"). I would advise every romantic female out there to read the novel and then find their own visual version of the story. I have to warn you though, it may make life seem dreary after hoping for your own Mr. Darcy.
My deal breaker for a movie based on this story is who they choose to play Mr. Darcy. Simply put, Matthew Macfayden is MY Mr. Darcy!


angela said...

I agree with you. Matt Mcfayden ws an awesome Mr. Darcy . .I was reeling through that scene in the mist .. when he comes for her .. I just got chills. oh wow .. every true womans romantic scene . .beautiful.

Movie Dame said...

damn that scene is AMAZING.....where the hell is my DVD copy?!?! lol

Anonymous said...

Loved your post. I thought I was the only one that thought the mist scene was the best of them all. It just.. takes my breath away!
I wrote about the book and all in my blog too, but unfortunately for you it is in spanish (because I'm from Chile).
Anyway, I'll leave you the link so you can at least visit it:

Movie Dame said...

damn...that mist scene...::swoon"....thank you for commenting!!! i wish i could read spanish, then i would definitely read yours!! ( i did visit it though:) )

Madde said...

Yes, yes, yes Mr. Darcy is amazing! And Matthew McFayden too. I love the movie version 2005. Good artcicle :)