Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kamikaze Girls (2004)

To quell my excitement somewhat for the upcoming Anaheim AM2 (an anime convention in Anaheim) , I've been watching alot of japanese movies. Only one other movie than "Train Man" has caught my attention. Maybe I will credit it to the amazing baby doll outfits from "Baby, the Stars Shine Bright". Or it could have been the cool cinematography.

Mainly, it caught my attention because it was awesome.

"Kamikaze Girls" involved Momoko and Ichigo. Momoko is a very self-observed, selfish, and manipulative heroine in the movie. Much to her dismay, she becomes uprooted from the ghetto areas of Japan into the quiet countryside. She is taken away from the center of her world, "Baby, the Stars Shine Bright", a clothing store that features lolita couture outfits. Very expensive couture. To finance her fashion obsession. she secretly begins to sell her fathers bootlegged line and meets up with Ichigo, a yakuza obsesses with the line. Ichigo is a very strange yakuza (I think it's a gangster). She's dramatic, aloof, and quick with her fists. But she's loyal and very caring.

So begins the strange and endearing friendship between Momoko and Ichigo. Two girls that are completely different in manner and personality creates a strong bond. The bond becomes tested over and over again as they begin a strange quest to search for a legendary yakuza figurehead. If forget why. I was distracted by the costumes and whimsical fun.

The movie is just fun to watch. Lots of whimsical special effects like flying through the sky and zooming in from space. Pretty shots of slow motion.

I really love the outfits that Momoko wears. I have no courage to wear those outfits but I do admire the outfits. Pretty, poofy, and elaborate. Other than the outfits, there wasn't really a reason to like Momoko for most of the movie. I really dug Ichigo. She was tough yet vulnerable with her clinginess to Momoko which comes strange since Ichigo tries to come off as bad ass and tough. It's not until Ichigo becomes endangered and forces Momoko to put aside her self-absorption and help her out.

And when Momoko defends Ichigo, it is freakin' BADASS!!! I love that scene so much! That made my jaw drop and my heart flutter from excitement.

Some points to look forward to in the movie: girl fights, some fart jokes, pretty dresses, motercycles, some drama, and a whole lotta fun.

This movie isn't going to change your perspective or change the world. This movie will add another movie showcasing the awesome power of female friendships to your list. A friendship with ruffles and studs.

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The Inspired Cook said...

Sounds fun! I love Japanese movies and the Japanese culture! It is so great and "quirky" (from our point of view) sometimes! And, yes, you are correct about yakuzas. Those are the Japanese gangs/mobs.