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Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

I am ever known as the residential scare-dy cat. I am not only arachnophic,claustrophobic but genuinely terrified of homeless people, the dark, vampires, ghosts, and zombies. And yet I am enthralled with reading, watching zombie stories, supernatural shows, and ghost stories. I am very much a walking contradiction. So no surprise I abhor horror movies especially slasher movies. I absolutely hate the sight of people being slashed onscreen. My skin literally crawls when I watch that knife across skin ::ahhhhhhhhhhh!!::

So in order to start knowledage about film flicks, I cheat by watching reviews by Phelous Porteus and the awesome people at Channel Awesome, googling it, or watching within the safety of my boyfriends arm. So I know the stereotypes. The rules as exposed by the Scream series (Thanks Welshy!!). Even so,you don't have to be terribly knowledge in horror movies to understand the jokes in this movie.It is just way too entertaining to get bogged down by details.

Tucker and Dale are two buddies who have managed to get themselves a summer home in serious need of repairs. As they ride off with towards their new summer home, they are passed by a group of college kids out for some camping fun. Both groups of passengers eye each other. Tucker and Dale see a group of hot college kids. The kids see a couple of dirty, mountain bums.

Tucker and Dale go off to new summer home, not knowing the contents of the house seem to be from a killer with old newspaper clippings of murdered victim. They go off on their merry way to repair and do some night time fishing.

After the setting down before a campfire, the kids fill themselves with beer and a ghost story from the lead,main jack-ass guy of a story of campers murdered by some rednecks in the same woods. Reminded of the "mountain bums" they had passed, they decide to shake off their fear by going skinny-dipping (what?wouldn't you?). Unfortunately, one of the girls becomes startled from seeing Tucker and Dale as their night fishing and falls into the lake. The guys fish her out. The other college kids see them drag her lifelessbody in and run away screaming. Not knowing what to do, the buddies take her to their summer home and nurse her. So begins a back and forth game of bloody misunderstanding.

This movie does a great job of turning every stereotype inside out. The "rednecks" are geniunely nice people while the college kids are judgmental and rash attackers. The kids play out a general "type" in horror: the vapid one, the rational one, the sidekicks, screaming girls, and the leader. Interestingly, it is the leader who makes the most irrational decisions that results in most of his friends getting killed (i'm not giving much away- you see the deaths in the trailer).

I was surprised by the sweetness in the relationship between Dale and Allison. Although initially frightened, she overcomes that to realize how sweet Dale is. I found it incredibly romantic that bumbling Dale came to her rescue later in the movie. I actually sighed in happiness.I have to admit, I am a bit in love with Dale.

Oh and how cool is it that Wash from firefly is in this movie???!!! He plays Tucker, awesomely well. It's Wash folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a good amount of bloody gore in this movie. I did have to shut my eyes now and down with the deaths. Which were just well timed and fun. Yes, I really do mean fun! These characters are just so stupid that you can't help but giggle at how they die. Come on, one spears himself as Dale and Allision are trying to dig a trench for the outhouse.

How did this movie not make a huge showing at mainstream theaters?? No wonder the theater corporation is complaining of lack luster ticket sales. They keep allowing stupid shit to play at theaters and turn a blind eye to something so awesome!! I would have totally went to the theater with a whole bunch of friends to see this movie. Not for another Hiegl movie!(Dyeing your hair brown does not change what a cold and mean actress you are.I am still pissed I watched 27 dresses).

I only managed to hear about this movie from a meetup group I recently joined.  I wasn't able to join but I did netflix the movie out of curiosity. This movie is the third best movie I have seen lately( #1: Attack the Block, #2: Fright Night  remake). Even with all the gored, it is a really funny horror-comedy!! As "Shaun of the Dead" was to zombies, "Tuckers and Dale vs.Evil" is to slasher movies.

I highly, highly, highly, to the power of infinity recommend this!!!

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Great post! I was really surprised by this flick as well, as it greatly exceeded my expectations. It's a keeper!

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