Monday, February 13, 2012

Heaven Can Wait (1943)

I haven't been completely ignoring my classic film genre. It's just that there weren't any to excite me enough to write about. I think I was really lucky with my steady stream of enjoyable movies. Then I just hit dud after dud. Either they were too boring, too silly, too un-relatable, too this, too that. So I looked at other genres to pique my interests.

Once again,the random power of netflix came through! I love opening the red envelope and being surprised by the movie (I know that emails are sent of what movies are next on my queue- I make it an unconscious choice to ignore them).

This is a movie done by Ernest Lubitch. I know zilch about him, only that he's a very famous filmmaker.

We start at the modern and stylish office of the Devil. Oh yes, the devil, flames and all. His is visited by an elder gentlemen, named Henry.  Befuddled, the Devil wonders why. Henry then proceeds to tell his life story. See, Henry considers himself a heartbreaker and womanizer.He tells the story of each of the women he has come into contact with and the troubles he has put them through.

This sounds like it should set up the story of a complete asshole. Instead, I find that Henry was a sweet, romantic, and charming person. I love how the Devil describes it all in the end, that the woman were all happy that  they were in his life.

Such a sweet movie. So many moments that me laugh and tear up.No matter how much of a womanize Henry thinks he is, his heart always belonged to Martha. Martha played by mesmerizing Gene Tierney. They met when she was engaged to his cousin. I smiled at times that he ran away with his true love in front of her family. The time they slow danced before she passed away. Their love was so sweet. How she grew to understand him, at times hating him, but always loving him.

On a side note,  I was completely mesmerized by Gene Tierney. This is the first time I seen her in a movie. Wow!!! What a stunning beauty. I'm planning on reading "Leave her to Heaven" and then watch the movie of the same title that she gained her fame from. Seriously, wow. No wonder Henry fell head over heels over her.

Through it all , it is Don Ameche's charisma that shines. Despite his "misgivings", he is still a really likable person. He's the type of guy that you know will break your heart but you still want to be near him. The crush that stays within you no matter how improbable the relationship could be. I already loved Don Ameche from "Midnight". This makes me love him even more.

I definitely recommend this movie fro all the romantics. Just in time for Valentines. Have a great sexy time everyone.

[later side note: Just realized that Ameche was in "Cocoon"!!! ]

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