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Richid Rich (1994)

I've been spending an incredible amount of time going through all my stuff. I realize that I may have quite a small hoarding tendencies.Or I have a problem with letting go of sentimentality. Either way, I found that I have ALOT of Macauley Culkin movies. I must be a bigger fan than I thought.

In the middle of my ever growing pile of sorting stuff, I popped in my VHS copy of "Ricthie Rich" movie. I geared myself for a whopping dose of Disappointing Nostalgia.

Macauley Culkin plays the non-surprising role of major-super-duper-ridiculous rich child named Ritchie Rich. He is borne to super duper rich and sweet parents. They love, dote, and shower him with everything he needs. He should be a happy kid. Until he realizes that he has the one thing that money can't buy. Give you three hints.....
.....If you guessed love,no.He's just a kid. Besides you can still buy love...mmmhmmm
.....If you guessed humanity....Dude, it's a kids 90's movie. Way too deep
....friends?DING!DING! DING!

Pretty common story line in the 90s. There was alot of movie that stressed friendships, families, and love are more important than anything else. In a goofy/lighthearted way of course.Completely differently from the....movies of today.

At the same time that Ritchie is realizing his lack of friends, a family consultant is plotting to kill the whole family to get access into the family vault ( which is modeled like Mt. Rushmore but with the heads of the family instead), the murder plot is botched when Ritchie is left behind while his parents are caught in the plane crash (don't worry, they don't die). Now it is a rescue mission for Ritchie and his new found friends.l

I'm not too sure if this is common knowledge, this movie is  loosely based on the 1980's cartoon series. I remember watching them but not being too thrilled about them. I was more in "Rocky and Bullwinkle".

I loved this whole movie. From the absurd opulence of the rich family to the antics to save the family. I was pretty much raised in the lower income bracket and still do but I still love watching these ridiculously rich lifestyle. I will admit that I am amused by "Super Sweet Sixteen" and "Real Housewives:Beverly Hills"(the ONLY entertaining one) shows. It's not that I yearn to be rich but its interesting to see what rich people "value". When money is literally no obstacle in their lives. They can obtain any material or lifestyle they want. When given a choice of anything, it's interesting to see what results from it. Emotionally destructive people with pristine mansions? Hobo chic with snobbish minds? Screaming bitches with nothing to lose? That is entertaining. Trying to decide between a tank of gas or some ingredients for dinner makes for melodramatic centenary. I don't want to watch that., I want to watch glamorous flippantry! There must be a psychological reason for this.

For the kid in all of us, the montage scenes of Culking showing off his goodies to his new friends is still awesome.In hindsight, it's lame that the kids were easy to befriend him after seeing all that he could offer. But who can blame them?They come from a low income, blue-collar atmosphere and then they come to this:
* a kid-a-pault
* go carts
* a roller coaster
* a McDonalds

yes please. Yes damn well please.

Culkin is very,very believable as a rich kid. A rich kid with a heart of gold. Because Culkin is very, VERY rich kid indeed. He was already made famous by doing the "Home Alone" series. Every time I watch Culkin, I always felt that he would be a great kid to hang out. When I watched this movie then and now, I still have the same feeling. Huh, I think I just realized I'm a Culkin fan.

 The characters in this movie are just plain fun.I've always loved the scientific guy who comes up with all the experiments. If I had limitless resources, I would be thrilled to make a robotic bee. Except I would rather make a robotic cat. Or a robotic dragon. Ooo, that breathes dragons. The parents are so cute together! Quirky and in love. We see so few of these couples in movies.Most rich couples are despicable , cold, uncaring, and mean. I suppose that it's done to show how harsh money can make people. But not the Rich family. Their family is full of love and generosity. The villain is meh but the movie is not really about him.

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie again. I love that feeling when movies still hold up in my heart. Hoorah for Ricthie Rich!

Here's a fun rebuttal from the awesome Nostalgia critic:

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