Monday, April 16, 2012

Camp Nowhere (1994)

       I've been so bone tired for the past few weeks. School.Work. Sewing projects. Art ideas. Or just being burned at. This makes enjoying a movie very, very hard. When your feeling so bleh, meh, and eh , all you want to do is curl up somewhere and just let your mind wander. This is prime time to read a romance novel. Or loads of reality TV. Rarely do I feel much for a movie when I'm in this mood. Movies have a slim chance of making an impression on me. It's usually :"Boring" "I should draw something" "I'm hungry". From then the movie is screwed from this bleak first impression. Sad but true.

But then...there are movie that are so much fun, so entertaining, that it has enough of a power to penetrate the doom and gloom and bring a smile. These movies commonly flaw in logic, production value, and common sense. But damn they are fun.

"Camp Nowhere" has the trademark qualities of a nineties movie: bright clothing, absentee parental control, kids going crazy montage. The story starts off with the woes of kids being sent off to various camps

.On a side note, this has always annoyed me about this movie. I would have KILLED to go to any of these camps!!!! It wasn't like these kids had anything better to do. Computer camp??! Hell yeah!! Ugh!!! I really wanted to go to camp!!!Ok...I've worked through my issues,moving on.

So, a core group of kids decide to pool all of their parents money and make their own camp. They hire Christopher Lloyd (now doesn't that just the awesome??!!) to act as their adult liaison to rent out an abandoned hippie camp. After montages of radical kids painting walls, buying a gazillion toys, and doing whatever they want, reality begins to step in as the parents request a visit.

"Camp Nowhere" is not movie that will change the world. It will not influence cultures or even start a riot. It is just awesome, silly kids fun. That still holds up today if you were kid growing up the nineties. Hell I think anyone would enjoy this. It's pretty priceless. When I watched it, I felt myself morphed into a younger me. I felt  the same longing as I did then to frolic and do whatever I want (even though I can do whatever I want now). It still taps into that inner child that always want to run free without any consequence. Oh and develop friends while I'm at it.

The movie is pretty whimsical in story but it does have consequences.Even though it's pretty light in levity and such, there is a great balance of humility, consequence, and responsible. The story can be silly but for the most part is very realistic. When a bunch of kids get together and play without adult supervision, someone can get hurt.One of them will want to break the law. The parents will have to step in at some point.

Of course, I can't end this blog without mention of the main crush. Andrew Keegan. His first movie role. And oooooo I had such a crush on him. His character was so adorable too!! He was playing this bad ass bully but really he was such a sweetheart. That scene where he helps the little girl to cope with her home sickness but letting her make a necklace???Ahhh!!! sweet!!! I love my bad boys with a heart of gold.

Sad thing about this movie that I completely forgot this movie for at least a decade. This movie left my radar for so long. I didn't completely forget it.Something would always remind of this movie, niggling my brain. It was from watching a movie combined with an awesome friend with amazing memory that I remembered this movie.

After a horrible day at work, this movie was wonderful blessing. It was fun, light, and just awesome. I can't get enough of this movie. Definitely on my to collect list.

Oh random fact: Jessica Alba appears in it :)

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