Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Over My Dead Body (2012):LA Asian Film Festival

 Ahh it's been too long of a gap between the last post. I duly apologize but finals ultimately too precedence. It is over and now I am free.

Even though the film festival is long over, I still wanted to blog the final movie I saw during the festival. I forgot to mention this at the last post, both "Nice Girls Crew" and this movie were screened at the fabulous CGV theaters. It's a theater nestled in koreatown in LA. The theaters are absolutely beautiful and shiny. Plus the parking is free, sweet. The have american movies with korean subtitles and korean movies with english subtitles, so hoorah for me. The seats are soooo comfy. There are two-seaters up at the top that just make you feel like royalty. If you do visit, try the coffee ice cream. It is divine!!

I watched this movie right after "Nice Girls Crew", so I was pretty tired. I also came in disappointed because this movie replaced a k-pop movie. Dammit, I'm so glad they replaced it. It was a great surprise.

This movie is essentially a game of tag. A rich, corrupted man attempts to smuggle a valuable microchip out of the country. He pretends to be ill so he could go to the US where the investors are waiting. Meanwhile, the workers are  threatened to lose their jobs if the microchip is gone, so they stage a huge protest as the rich man is led off to the hospital. Two of the workers chase down the ambulance and ultimately prove in a big way that the rich man is not ill at all. One of the coworkers is gravely injured by the rich mens henchmen. Meanwhile, In an attempt to keep the scheme going, the vice president KILLS the rich man and plans to grab the microchip from the body afterwards. During this time, the injured coworker's daughter and the other coworker (sorry they have korean names and I just cannot remember) hitch their own plan to steal the rich mans body and hold it for ransom. While their at the lab, they are interrupted by two clown debt collectors. During a scuffle, the lab man had switched the placards to the one where his friend is hiding (the one who owes the debt), so the daughter and the coworker had taken the wrong body. And then the vice president tries to come and take the body. But the body is gone because the lab guy took it!!Ahhh!!! The chase for the body begins!

Damn this is hard to write about!!! Not only is hard to keep track of all the korean names, the plot just kept getting more and more intricate. Instead of losing it completely, the plot was so wonderfully woven that there was no loose end, no plot hole. I'm not kidding. From growing up in a town where plot holes seem to be a requirement, this was absolutely phenomenal. I had a great time just trying i guess who had the body and how the hell the main characters were going to get out the mess.

There were many characters trying to steal this body but the three main ones are the injured coworkers daughter (the one with the pink hair), the coworker friend, and the lab guy's friend. The pink haired girl really reminded me of Lisbeth Salander in terms of aloofness but that changed when she crashes the SUV and just smokes her nerves away. That was the glimpse of vulnerability and  bravery. She turns out to be reasonable and resourcfullness. The coworkers friend is a great combo of smart and sheer bad-ass-sery. He nerds out the plan with his photgraphic memory so he should be just delegated as the nerdy character. Oh no, he is the bad-ass action guy. He's leaning out of movie cars, jumping all over the place, and punches everyone. The lab guys friend is goofball but he's a pretty slick and clever slimeball.

I am barely doing this movie any bit of justice. This was such a great bit of a movie. It was fun, thrilling, and had a  great ending. I did not see the ending coming at all. Although I never the ending coming anyhoo. If your able to catch this movie, then do so. It's definitely full of action, fun, and comedy.

So concludes my own adventures at this years LA Asian Film Festival. I would have loved to catch more movies but what I did see, I am completely satisfied and inspired in the asian filmmaking community. Maybe, I will get to showcase my own work at the festival. Who knows....

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