Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monkey Business (1952)

Sorry for the long delay. I've just had surgery and I finally feel well enough to just sit down and write. 

One of my pet peeves right now is seeing classic movies being packaged with huge pictures of Marilyn Monroe and she really doesn't carry that much weight in the movie. Sigh. This was the victim of such packaging. The main force and comedy power is Cary Grant and Ginger Rodgers.

Yeah, Cary Grant was pretty funny in this one. He did some great comedy stunts and was pretty likable. I will credit all that to the amazing Ginger Rodgers. Not only can she keep up the dancing guru Fred Astaire but she has amazing charisma and comedic timing.

"Monkey Business" is a simple,comedy movie. Grant plays an absent-minded scientist intent on finding the solution for youth. Rodgers plays his loving wife  who puts up with him. Monroe just plays a secretary...

Anyhoo, a monkey mixes some chemicals together that actually becomes the tonic for youth. First Grant drinks it and becomes this crazy youthful guy and then it wears out.Rodgers then drinks it for good measure and then they both drink. The movie follows their silly regression into youth and what they learn from it.

It's such a romantic movie. The antics that this married couple endured should have broke them apart once they come into their senses. But they still find reason and come to love each other even more. That's a huge comparison between "Youth and Old Age" that the movie makes. Youth does stupid things, adults are more reasonable. That's too simplistic and definitely begs alot of arguments but sometimes it's true. Sometimes.

This movie is littered with wonderful lines and scenes.The regression begins slowly and then wham! They're crazy teenagers! Grant is driving like a maniac and dressing stupidly. Rodgers is jealous and overly emotional.Combined,they chase each like little kids all over the board room.

This movie was just so much fun to watch. A simple, comedy between two great stars.

I would write more, but i'm starting to feel some more pain coming on. Toodles!

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