Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stick it (2006)

Life through my eyes have a constant soundtrack. Music is an integral part of how I view everything around me. If I had a choice, there would just be music flowing around. Therefore, I tend to love musicals or movies that have alot of musical montages. There is no shortage of this at all in the movie industry so I have alot of feel-good movies to watch.

"Stick It" is a very under-rated teen comedy drama. If I hadn't watched it out of boredom then I could see why this movie flew so far under the radar. The promotions advertised a comedy involving female gymnasts and their catty world. Gymnasts? Pish posh!

This movie centers around a bad-ass female delinquent, Haley. After Haley runs out on her team during Gymnastics championships, she leads a life of punk glory. She gets caught after causing alot of property damage, she is given a sentence to go back to the gymnastics team she betrayed. Not only does she have her stubborn rebelliousness surrounding her, she has to deal with the backlash of her actions from her teammates. That's alot of frustration, anger, resentment. Have you ever pissed off a group of young hormonal girls? I have and it's freakin enough to jump off a cliff!

Gymnasts are already one of the most amazing athletes there are. Cartwheels are pretty much the hardest tricks in my back. The movie goes ahead and shows how grueling and hard gymnasts have to work at. Like any movie that follows an competitors progress from training to the Day, it's all the more satisfying and fun when the competition showcase starts since your rooting for your favorite characters.

I just absolutely adore Haley's character. Her rebelliousness nature mirrors my own and just echoes what I wish I could do sometimes. Her strength and courage is amazing. She is so cool!

As typical of most teen comedies, there is some really great musical montages. One of my favorite is the rock montage of the gymnasts in action. But what really gets me happy is the end competition. The sequence towards the end is one that took me by surprise. It was an ultimate message of putting things in a bigger perspective and cherishing what's more important like trust and friendship.

As an added bonus to this great movie, Missy Elliot did a really great song for this movie (I LOVE Missy Elliot)

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