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Sydney White (2007)

I just got into a debate with my coworkers on Disney princesses (we tend to have alot of these pointless talks to mediate the otherwise dreary work atmosphere). So I feel I must start off by saying that my two most DETESTED Disney princesses are: Cinderella and Snow White. I could write a blog that goes on for miles on why I hate these princesses so won't do that.

Just because it's my blog: BELLE IS THE TRUE PRINCESS!!!

Okay, moving on.

Even though I hate the aforementioned Disney duo, it should not be confused that I love their original stories. I'm familiar with the Brothers Grimm versions and all other versions. The core of the story for both is the same: waiting for the prince to come. It's this archaic and pointless story core that makes it an excellent foundation for movie retellings and such. And boy are there alot of them.

I already wrote about my own favorite Cinderella rendition (which was based on a young adult novel), "Ella Enchanted". I thought it would be fitting to write a feel-good movie counter to my scary movie blog with a snow white-type of movie. Phew,what a sentence.

This movie is another one that completely flew under the radar of the public. I only knew about it when I was able to catch a special screening of it. It was hosted by a program from Myspace called "Black Curtain Screenings". It was a great experience. Amanda Bynes even made an appearance! I remember she was promoting her clothing line, Dear, featured in Steve and Barry stores (which I just found out that the store went bankrupt and are no longer in business).

Now Amanda Bynes should be familiar to those in my generation. She was one of the actresses on the Nickelodeon funny show, "All That". She has pretty played the same constant character in all of her movies; goofy and lovable. That is perfectly all right with me. In a media world where child actresses grow up to be the next Lohan/Cyrus tragedies, it's nice to see some cute consistency minus the whore factor.

Even if your not familiar with her from Nickelodeon she was just in the recently released great movie, "Easy A" (Go watch it! I couldn't stop laughing!)

Bynes is still cute even though she plays a more subdued, mature role for "Sydney White". I have to admit that she was easily overpowered by her supporting cast members whose characters I really love.

On a second thought, I wonder if she was directed to be subdued to try to embody as much of the demure "Snow White" princess ideal as long as possible? Bynes does burst out in personality towards the middle of the movie where she steps out of placid "princess" to headstrong awesome! I'm going to go with this thought, it puts Bynes in a more positive light.

The premise of the movie is as follows: Bynes plays Sydney White, a humble and poor mans daughter who goes off to college. Whites' mother used to part of an exclusive sorority so she's granted a special spot as a "legend" (:"snicker"", cute). This sorority is headed by a mean and superficial sorority head named Rachel Witchburn ( I don't care how corny that is, the name is cute). White doesn't agree with the sorority (ahh that reminds me of own sorority feud...) and is kicked out.

White lands on the doorstop of the rejects of the campus (are you sensing a common thread between this post and the previous one?). The house is full of seven dorks( like the seven dwarves). They are adorable dorks too! They pretty much do and act the way I do. The tallest dork becomes my favorite when he utters a Doctor Who joke! I wouldn't even call them dorks, I would call them my friends.

Even though White was resigned to the reject house, she still garners attention and admiration. Her popularity begins to go up as is monitored by a website called "Hot or Not"(Don't laugh too hard, these kind of websites actually do sadly exist). This really pisses Witchburn who begins to feel threathened and starts to retaliate. This stirs up a war between the dorks versus the sororities. To add more fuel to the fire, White catches the attention of the hot male (Witchburn's ex) on campus.

So begins our Snow White modern retelling. Waaay more fun!

It's a trademark of Byne's movies to be enjoyable. The characters are sweet but not annoying. It's always a nice balance.For a modern retelling of Snow White, it's pretty cute and kinda clever. Every time the movie ends, I release a happy sigh of contentment.

My favorite part is when White is on the podium during the debate. I won't ruin it by saying but happens but yeah, I would totally stand up and proudly say, " I love Doctor Who and I'm a dork!"

I'm gonna start something new and actually add the movie trailers. Can't believe it took me that long to do...

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