Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Neverending Story (1984)

What I wish for right now is to curl up on my bed wrapped in my fuzzy blanket and watch my ultimate favorite movie of ALL time. It tops my "to-watch" movies of all time. It is the first movie I always think of. It is the ultimate movie in my world. I was born to watch this movie.

It is based on a novel by Michael Ende. Like Harry Potter, the story matter is too dark to be even considered a children's tale. I've read the novel. The movie only covers the first few chapters of the novel. It is too amazing for me to even begin to paraphrase the book so I won't.

It is the ultimate escapist novel for a bookworm. How many us bookworms wished that we can influence the pages we read so that it seems that we are part of that adventure? That it seems so real that we are a part of it.

Sebastian is a young boy who has been harasses ed by the bullies in school. After a chase from them,Sebastian ends up in a dusty old bookstore. His eyes become aligned with a book titled "The Neverending Story" with the iconic double snake eating their own tails.

Ignoring the warning from the knowing bookstore owner that the book "is not for kids" (really? that just makes it even more appealing!C'mon!) Sebastian takes off with it (with a note saying that he'll return it. He is a good kid after all).He takes the day off from school and hides in the attic to read the book. We are then introduced into the world of Fantasia!

Fantasia is a beautiful fantasy filled world of imagination. There's all kinds of different characters running around. There's the Rockbiter, a huge stone giant that eats rocks. Or the racing snail (which is awesome! I want one!). Now to the main problem of the movie. There is an evil called the Nothing that destroys everything in its way. The Childlike Empress, who is dying of an unknown illness is unable to combat the Nothing. They send out a call for a warrior to help find a solution to the Childlike Empress problems so they can solve it. In walks a young boy named Atreyu.

I will tell you that the most major crush on Atreyu when I was a younger. He was strong and cute. Still gives me a smile when I watch him. Sigh.

So begins an adventure. Sebastians follows along by reading of Atreyus adventure. Where it culminates into a showdown that still scares the bejeesus out of me. It's not even that scary but its the combination of all the special effects. It was spooky ok? Spooky!

It's a beautiful movie with alot of scary elements. There were alot of enjoyable elements but it was such a great story. Even though I found out later how much was not covered, I still enjoyed it.

It cheers me up immensely every time I watch it. I could feel myself transcending back to my childhood wonder and enjoyment. I wanted desperately to have Falkor to appear out of the sky so we could fly around the clouds.

I'll admit that I'll yell out "yeah!!!" just like Sebastian when I'm driving.

For now writing about it is enough to lift my spirits. Sally forth!

(in case your wondering why the posts are so sparse, I've been attempting to write as much as possible for National Writing Month. If you want to follow what I've been writing, I've posted it on wordpress here:http://dragonmaiden84.wordpress.com/)

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The Inspired Cook said...

I recently (within the last year or so) read the book. I quite enjoyed it and it made me want to watch the movie all over again.
I didn't realize that this was such an influential movie on you. I suppose it makes sense, considering your (and my) love of reading and fantasy. I, too, would love to influence my books. Some books, however, I am quite happy to just read and not be a part of! Too scary!