Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flash Gordon (1980)


Thanks to the epic power that is Queen, Flash Gordon has been immortalized. I've rocked out to this song a gazillion times. I've barely watched the movie now. I know I'm not the only person to do so. Shame on us all.

I surprised myself by really enjoying this movie. It took awhile to adjust to the obvious cheesines and campy atmosphere of it all. I even paused it and contemplated on returning it to netflix. Sheer boredom mixed with laziness saved the movie.

The movie is based on the serial cartoon of the same name from the 1930s. I have never read the comics nor do I have the urge to. I went in watching this movie only knowing that Queen did the theme song. It's amazing how music can function as a major vehicle in promoting a movie (ahem, Paramore for Twilight).

Here's what I can glean from the movie. Flash is a foot ball player.
What? Whoa! This whole time I thought he was a special super hero with powers. Huh...

It's a fantasy/science fiction movie. There's alot of sexuality and masculinity all over the place. Yet it's not overpowering or obnoxious. It's just right.

By the way did I mention how sex is involved in this movie? Well not the actual act itself. If you want that, then go watch "Barberella:. There is alot of sexual inneendos, teasing, and provocative clothes.

The guys in this movie are manly. Oozing in testerone and adrenaline. The women are full of power and wits. This movie was pumping with energy. If your watching this movie and your a guy, then you felt awesome. If you were a girl, then you felt sexy and awesome. Whatever gender you are, you wanted to jump out of your seat and kick some Ming ass!

He's a cheesy football player. Flash, his girlfriend that he met less than 10 minutes ago, and the crazy scientist, Dr. Zarkov are taken to a universe dominated by the tyrannical Ming. Through attempts to return home, Flash gains Allies to over throw the Ming regime.

It's the common man turned hero kind of story.It doesn't really get anymore difficult than that. The awesome ness of the movie comes from the characters themselves. The more I watched the more awesome these characters were.

I wonder if "Flash Gordon" is where "Farscape" got their inspiration from?

I couldn't believe that Flash was a football player with the heart of gold. Easy to forget that football players were held to a moral code of some heart. Gordon is a classic American boy with all the characteristics of a hero: strong, kind, and faithful. Except he's kinda of an idiot. Likable idiot. idiot. I have no idea why that makes him endearing.

I actually hated the girlfriend. She kicked ass and fought her way out. But she irritated me somehow.

The funniest character was Prince Vultan. He reminds me so much of a dwarf. My favorite line out of the whole movie : "Oh Well! Who wants to live forever anyway?"

Princess Aura was the one who sold the movie to me the most. The actress was beautiful with he cat like eyes and she oozed dangerous sexuality. She was the femme fatale turned heroine. She was freaking amazing. She reminded of a cat who played with her men until betrayal changes her whole outlook on life. Her flaws and strengths amazed me. She kicked ass!

It was such a fun movie to watch. I had a crazy visual overload from the colors, costumes, and scenery. For all it's extreme corniness, alot of work and attention went into it. The dialogue was pretty good. It's amazing how much the movie feels like a 1930's serial cartoon that has sprung into life.

It's such a bizarre and fun movie. There's not much else to it.

Now go watch it so we can sing the theme song together!


CMrok93 said...

It's old and cheesy, but who doesn't like sitting down with a group of friends, and just keep on laughing at this utterly guilty pleasure. Good stuff!

Movie Dame said...

Agreed! if only my friends would be willing to sit down and watch my cheesy movies with me :)

Horse N. Buggy said...

How could you leave out Prince Barin, played by Timothy Dalton? He makes this movie for me. Wow.

Also, it's not surprising that you liked this movie in spite of it's campiness. Several of the actors have serious acting chops. Zarkov is played by Topol (most notably from Fiddler on the Roof). Ming is played by the awesome Max von Sydow, who I think is still acting today. Prince Barin, as I mentioned earlier, is played by Timothy Dalton, who IMHO was the best of all the Bonds. Your favorite line was uttered by Brian Blessed who is a master Shakespearean actor.

It's ironic that the two least successful of the cast were the "leads" - Flash and Dale.

Movie Dame said...

oh my gosh prince barin was AH-MA-ZING!!!!

thank you for your comments!!! you know your flash!!