Monday, February 28, 2011

Dogma (1999)

I really, really, really wanted to watch "Dogma" in my room last night. Except that the TV that was given to me doesn't work at all. After hours of frustration and exhaustion I gave up.

That seems to be the running inspiration for my blogs. If I can't watch it, I think about it, I write about it to console myself.

Kevin Smith is one of my favorite idols. I absolutely adore him. I know I already mentioned him in my "Clerks" post but I'll mention again.

I don't think there is Kevin Smith movie I don't like. Well I know I hate "Cop Out" but I'm gonna ignore that.

I have to say that I know zilch about religious stories. I watched this movie about 5 to 6 times before I even thought to ask the relevance of these characters. For my own intents and purposes they were just funny magical beings. I know alot of controversy surrounded this movie when it came out from all the religious folks out there. Sigh. My stance is that if you believe strongly in your religion then no one can take that away from you. Alot of movies grossly exaggerate or misinterpret Buddhist ideals but I don't rush out and condemn those people. I just shrug and walk away.

Key word there: walk away.

In "Dogma", two earthbound angels (played by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) have plans use a loophole to get back into heaven. This would destroy the basic foundation of the world. Pretty much if God decrees something, it is done. It cannot be undone. Sounds like a physics problems waiting to disproved.

The solution is to enlist the help of the Scion. Which I believe is a blood relation of Jesus or something. The scion is Bethany who is aided by Metaron, another angel, played by Alan Rickman (Snape to the rescue!!!). They pick up more allies in the way including the awesome duo of Jay and Silent Bob.

The cast. The cast is a wonderful group of comedic glory. Alan Rickman was great as Metaron with his dry humor. There was also Selma Hayek as Serendipity. I think her role as the oracle. My favorite scene with her was when she's helping them all figure out how to destroy the demon. Oh! And Jason Lee as Azreal was just so cute! That was probably not meant to be funny but whatever.

My ultimate favorite cast member is the ever great George Carlin as Cardinal Glick. If you are familiar with George Carlin in anyway, then you should already be smiling.

I also love, LOVE who plays God.....which I will leave as a surprise. Hee, I am evil.

This may be lame but I was a tiny, tiny, tiny bit scared when I first watched it. There were some suspenseful and scary scenes. For the most part, the movie is full of comedy and fun. It's just a great silly movie.

"Dogma" was also my first Kevin Smith movie that I watched all the way through. I didn't watch "Clerks" until a few years later. So when I watched "Dogma" I was not familiar with Smith or his style at all. I was floored by the jokes and dry humor. I was also very attracted to turning an idea upside down and just twisting it about. I just love twisted things in general.

Alot of people are quick to say this movie is juvenile and the humor is vulgar. And it is. What I take away from this movie is the power of belief. The Scion is successful when she rediscovers her faith in God. I don't see how this is a negative image.

Which is something alot of people seem to overlook. There are alot of philosophical debates sprinkled through out the movie but they're no different from the ones that I have with me friends.

I have rewatched this movie countless of times. I enjoy it all the way through. It not only cheers me up but leaves me with a lighter step.

Is this a movie that will have me analyzing points of religion? No.
Will this movie be applauded for addressing religious debates in a respectable manner? HELL, no.
Will you come away with having your religious foundation crumbled? No. And if you, then they weren't that strong in the first place. I would recommend a priest/rabbi/monk/ furry animal

What is the point of this movie? For me, I love creative twistings of stories. I love epic retellings. I love the idea that there is a chance that I may be the only mortal person to save the world.

Ultimately, because I just love Kevin Smith movies. I can't explain it what that means. Just watch one. He has plenty of different varieties to choose from.

Advice: Don't take it too seriously. Enjoy!

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