Sunday, February 13, 2011

Showgirls (1995)

I know it's a horrible movie. So please stop screaming at me.

I'm still kind of recuperating from my wild weekend in Vegas. So my head kinda hurts. Shhh.

For some odd reason, I focused on the Mirage during my drunken stupor. My first thought was "whoa! it's the white haired lady from the 'Incredibles'!". Then for some reason I started searching for the Stardust. Which no longer exists. It was imploded in 2006. I was drunk.

The reason for my frantic searching for the Stardust was that it was the main hotel for the cult favorite movie "Showgirls". Here are some common reactions I get when I tell people I love this movie:

1. WHAT? (add in some jaw dropping, uncontrollable laughter)
2. Isn't that the chick from Saved by the Bell? (yes it is)
3. Are you a lesbian? (no. )
4. Are you an idiot? (which is the last think the person would say before I punch their lights out and then yell 'for every action, there is a reaction BIOTCH!")
5. Damn that movie is sexy (agreed)
6. It's awful but I love it (agreed with a hug from me)

So lemme break down the movie:
Nomi Malone (played by Elizabeth Berkley) is picked up from the side of the road on the way to Vegas. Your not too sure why or where she came from but you can sort of tell that she did something bad. She gets ditched in Vegas while being distracted at a penny slot machine (dumbass). Fortunately she is picked up by a kind black girl named Molly who provides her with food and a place to stay. Molly works for the Stardust hotel and Nomi slowly becomes sucked in that world. So enters a movie of sex, drugs, sexuality, and titties.

(Nostalgia chick did a great video about "Showgirls". She goes more into depth about it and also shares my own bewilderment about loving the movie. I've posted the videos right below!)

Like I said, this movie is awful. The dialogue is horrible.Elizabeth Berkeley (the blond nerd from "Saved by the Bell" acting is extremely awful. I'm not too sure if this movie understood what sexy was or even how sex was performed. There are lots of pointless plot points.

But it is a an absolute guilty pleasure movie of mine. I first watched this movie when I was really young. I was sleeping over at a friends place for the first time but I couldn't stay asleep (a-ha their mistake for giving me candy). So I turned on the TV and boom: titties flying all over the place.

For a young girl ( I think I was around 12. Not too sure). I was confused but awed. I knew there was sex but I remember being interested in the floor show.

The next few times I watched it resulted in an increasing reaction mixed with awe and embarrassment. Now why would a girl love this movie? I have no idea. I might be a twisted pervert or something.

I love it because I know this is not real. Not even remotely close to being realistic. Even though its horrible dialogue and acting, I am still entertained by it. I might be even say that it makes me suprerior since I know how sex works ( just watch that scene in the pool).

I would even go so far that this movie is kind of what Las Vegas. It's sex and drugs based on an unrealistic idea of sex. Just walk on the strip and you will be bombarded with images of woman in skimpy outfits, shows of ridiculous sexiness, lots of alcohol, possibly drugs but I have no idea. Everyone who goes to Vegas knows that this isn't real but its damn fun. It's just a fantasy so just freakin' enjoy it.

So don't think too much when you watch the movie. Also, don't watch this movie with your parents or young children who still believe that babies come from the stork or flowers.

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