Monday, May 13, 2013

LAAPFF: Best Friends Forever (2013)

Two things: last week of school AND LA Asian Film Festival.

I wasn't able to attend as many screenings as I would have liked. I did manage to see one screening that completely took me by surprise. Once again the festival has pulled through and has made me an obsessive fan of another film or group.

And to think I was going to miss this because it was a late showing. So glad I gulped down that soda.0

Don't let the title mislead you to thinking that this is some fruity, fluffy, girly movie. This was a movie about the end of the world between two friends.

We have Harriet and Reba on a road trip from Los Angeles to somewhere in Texas. Unbeknownst to them, nuclear bombs have been detonated in major cities, including Los Angeles. Instead, they're getting robbed by hipsters in the middle of a Texan highway.

Eventually they do find out. They do end up where they were heading but of course everything has changed between them. They question each others loyalties even as they defend one another. They discover their own weaknesses and strength. They're surrounded by racism and brutalitaty. It's funny, scary, sweet, dark, shocking, and awesome all rolled into one.

I was just discussing this with a friend that there are alot of apocalyptic films  being featured. It is oversaturation of the media but I am all right with that. I am more than all right, I am ecstatic. The apocalypse lays the foundation for infinite amount of stories to be told. It all has the same start: take it all away and what do you have left? I love playing the "what if" game(Although I do know that I will definitely be one of the first casualties). So it's pretty awesome to see this movie stand out from the others because there is a great message underneath it all. Plus it's a great movie about female friendship. And the conflict between them has NOTHING TO DO WITH A BOY! THANK YOU!

I got a chance to briefly meet the stars and they have re-inspired me to tackle that screenplay. They not only starred in, but also wrote, directed, and produced it.They gained most of their finances from Kickstarter,so its independently financed. It's also shot in Super 16 mm, which I have no idea what means but they seemed excited to inform us about that.  Phenomenal! They're talented and a sweet duo. I really look forward to any futire works from both of them.

At the end of the credits, there are some comic art that seems to be a continuation of our heroines storues. The ladies informed me that there isn't a graphic novl (YET) but they will be selling art prints at San Diego Comic Con. There needs to be a graphic novel. Or something. I want to know more of what Harriet and Reba do!

If you get a chance to catch this movie, do so. Highly, highly recommend this movie.

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2013

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