Saturday, July 27, 2013

Whatcha Wearin'? (2012) [Korean]


i've gotten lazy and allowed my books to rule my world. Oh well.

i am a glutton for sexy, witty, romance comedies. Although with the quality of the  American rom/com movies that are coming out, i've  been starving. so i had to look elsewhere to appease my gluttony. South Korea media  is my guilty pleasure. For dramas, I turn to For movies, I check out the CGV theater in koreatown. Or I just go youtube crazy.

People always give me a befuddled look when I answer korean, thai, bollywood, and american movies to the question "what do you like to watch?". Then the next one is do you understand thai (yes I do, I'm half thai) or indian? (i don't think indian is a language but no), or korean (sigh. no). Then why would i watch it? at this point, i fling whatever personnel i have at them and rush off in a gibberish mess.

i grew up watching thai dramas/movies. international movies are shared throughout other countries covered in subtitles. you can enjoy other movies in other languages. subtitles do not block the whole screen. sure look down your noses at other countries. i doubt any country has quality equal to "Grown Ups 2". ::shudder::

anyhoo. rants over. torch that soapbox sucker.

i adore asian rom/com. the best ones take it to the limit of moral boundaries. They actually give us a beliable rom/com story in the most outlandish situation. the characters are charming with flaws. there are certainly stereotypes they fall into but it's more than the american standard of "uptight girl meets charming rogue" or "clumsy girl meets strong, silent type".

this was a movie that was raunchy enough to convince my boyfriend to accompany me to CGV.  It's pretty raunchy. The first few minutes of the movie is an intense sex scene that abruptly cuts off. Because it's a dream...

the two players in the movie:After receiving a hair clip instead of a ring in a box, Yoon-Jung, decides to boost up the five year relationship by calling him and giving him a steamy phone sex session.

And damn does she deliver! She completely missed her calling as a phone sex operator. Daaaaaaaaaamn.

As she ends the call with a smashing climax, she asks her boyfriend how it was. Only it's not her boyfriend. It's Hyun-Seung. A stranger she just phone-f*&ked because she mis-dialed by one measly digit.

Well of course she gets all embarassed and angry and hangs up. It's mutual loneliness and heartache that brings it back together.

As dirty and silly as it starts out with, it still has a sweet, resonating message. Even with all the chances to meet and techno tools, a connection can  just be made with a voice and an ear to listen.

The two chat about their lives, lack of love, frustrations, dreams, sexy secrets, and more. And they talk, and talk. You can predict at this point what's bound to happen.

Why do people think that the majority of asian women are meek and subservient? Hell no! Most asian women I know are high powered tornadoes of ambition and emotion. I can easily believe an asian women conducting phone sex. I can't believe an American actress doing the same without using tools of comedy or some schtick to cover up the embarrassment. This movie treated it's parts as it's supposed to be treated. The sexy part are sexy, the funny parts are genuine comedy, and the  twist shocks you with a smile.

It was such a great experience to watch and laugh at the theater as I snuggled with my boyfriend. It's not a deep provoking movie, just meant to be watch, laugh, blush, and just come away lightheartedness and hopeful. With so many corny or dark movies, it's always nice to sit back and enjoy the foibles between sexes.

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