Monday, July 26, 2010

Beginnings- Fresh off of Comic Con


This is the beginning of what I hope to be a fruitful compilations of my thoughts on movies, comics, games and whatever has caught my attention.

I just came home from spending an awesome weekend attending the San Diego Comic Convention. This has been my third year volunteering which has enable me to attend the Con for a free (as long as I spent 3 hours a day volunteering). On the train ride home, I spent some minutes contemplating on the con to counter the nausea. Even on a train, I have bouts of guttural waves. As I focused my eyes to the floor, I realized that I only noticed one possible comic to become interested in. I'm not terribly interested investing huge amounts of energy into learning the deep history of Marvel or DC heroes. Or in keeping track of all the mini series and crossovers. I've been keeping track of only a few heroes and they have all been female. No surprise there since I am a female myself, I want to relate to female character as the males have. Unfortunately for me, most female characters are imagined and drawn by male perceptions. So I've had to sift through some horrible female main characters leaving me only a few.

I was rereading alot of comics in my collection when I realized that I hate alot of my comics. Many of what I've bought turned out to complete duds in capturing my attention. The cover art would be beautiful or I fell for the verbal crap that was given to me by the vendors or some other inane reason would urge me to shelve out my money for these.

I found two that has given me the urge to fling them across the room.

1. The female hottie that was chosen for a destiny
- This idea jumped to mind since I just read Aspens "Magdelena". I bought this comic from Aspen last year hoping it would be kick ass. I mean, the cover was beautiful! I should not have ignored the fact that this chick was wearing a bikini.

The story is of a girl is who chosen to be the Magdelena, or it is her destiny-whatever, to fight supernatural stuff. I am assuming the supernatural stuff since I only have the first issue and it doesn't really explain much except to show that she is chosen. Oh, and not only is she beautiful and kind, she can kick major ass. From staying in an abbey. I have no idea what abbey this is, but I doubt abbeys teach nuns to powerhouse a guys face.

Why should girls be pre-selected for their destinies? Many of these story lines always feature the girl who is destined to be weak, petty, spoiled, stupid, or a followers. What is this claiming? That girls have no power to become powerful? Only if someones says "here's a sword, the position is open, now go do what we tell you to do"? That gets under my skin so much.
The only exception to this is "Buffy" (the tv series). Joss Whedon made this work. "Buffy" is still my least favorite character of the series but Whedon balanced her with Willow so I'm letting that one fly.

2. Pretty, worthless lil' ol me
This is a pretty broad complaint. This is pertaining to the female characters that should have no reason to exist unless they're paired with a stronger male character. One comic that comes to mind: "The Proximity Effect".

I haven't read this in awhile and I don't care to read it again. "The Proximity Effect" was about some guy who could activate his powers only when this chick was near him. That sucks. That's all she's good for? It's almost like a bad sexual innuendo.

That's all I can really say about it.

Arguments can be made that I've only based my opinions on the introduction issues. But look, if the introductions are this crappy, then the rest must be full of diarrhea.

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