Friday, July 30, 2010

Freebie and the Bean (1974)

I've been itching to write about this movie all day. It's amazing once I started this blog, my mind went bonkers with all the movies I want to write about it! I'm pretty sure I won't get any sleep until I write this one down.

I volunteered at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood last year and was allowed to sit and watch this movie. I remember thinking that the highlight of my evening was going to be from tearing Patton Oswalts movie ticket since I never even heard of this movie. I didn't have much to do after my shift so I grabbed my free popcorn and settled into the theater.To my relief and delight, it was was an awesome movie. That movie is "Freebie and the Bean".

I do remember glancing at the description of the movie while I was volunteering. A red flag flared before my eyes when I caught that it was made in the 70's. I don't really have alot of movies from the 70's that I' like or am willing to watch since most are littered with porno scenes and grainy visuals. Something about that decade is just nasty and full of cigarette smoke. "Freebie and the bean" carries some nudity parts but there is one, ONE, thing that makes this movie ultimate fun: RIDICULOUS, LONG,DESTRUCTIVE CHASES!

I admit it, I love car chases. Well, exciting car chases. Crazy fast and explosive chases gets my heart pumping.

Half the movie was just chases; chases with cars, motorcycles, whatever had wheels. Then there were the fights.Fights in the bathroom, in the car, anywhere. The chases and the fights were long and I would dare say almost unchoreographed. It was almost as if the director said, "F**k it, just beat the s**t out of each other...oh don't even worry about destroying fact why don't you slide the body across the kitchen counter into a huge pot of soup?"

Seriously, it was crazy. There is the most amazing chase scene, just one chase, that destroys cars, pedestrians, goes over bridges, through trains, and the car ends up impaling through an apartment!

I haven't even mentioned the verbal sparring between the cop partners! Alot of that stuff should seem shocking to our jaded generation but it didn't seem like it all.There were alot of white and Mexican jokes being thrown around. I guess maybe because I have heard from conversations around me are that are more colored than the rainbow. . yeah I've heard much worse.

Another thing, it's a buddy cop movie. For me, this is the only buddy cop movie.

Shocking car chases (I mean they didn't give a f**k what the hell they destroyed), unbelievable fight scenes,crazy dialogue, make this a really fun movie.

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