Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Women (1939)

I just finished watching another amazing classic movie. I classify "amazing" as thoroughly enjoying a movie so much that I kept fidgeting to share it with someone! Anyone! Even my fat furred cat!

After the fat cat stormed away in a huff from a disrupted nap, I remembered that I began this blog less than 24 hours ago with just the intent of that. To share movies that just freaking made my day!

"The Women" is a movie made in 1939. I had it in my netflix queue after seeing promos for the modern remake of the 1939 version. I haven't seen the modern version yet but I bet I will be completely disappointed...maybe I shouldn't even bother....

Anyhoo, the first thing to note about this movie is that it's played by an all female cast. Not just the main characters...ALL CAST MEMBERS ARE FEMALES. From the manicurists who blabs and starts the whole shenanigans to the lawyer to the fashion model to notary. There is no male cast member AT ALL. Which is pretty awesome for 1939.

Its the story of a kind wife who has friends who gossip. The wife finds out her husband is cheating on her and she divorces him. This movie might not be very relevant to a male whatsoever. To a modern dame like myself, this is not only spectacular but a bit shaming. There is a boat load of cattiness, snarkiness, backstabbing, taunts, and ploys to make a soap make a run for its money.

The thing is, I know that females have essentially not changed in this regard. Every female has their absolute core group of pals that we will swear upon our own precious soul loyalty to them. Bitch be damned if she tries to hurt one of my friends! ::growls::

But damn do we hate if our friends are happier than us...."ha ha ha ha...ha ha ha ha...we hate it when our friends become successful...."

NO matter how high and mighty in kindness a female can claim, every single one of us is guilty in attempting to sabotage, snark at, or destroy a friends happiness. Just ask a girl how happy she is her friend has found a man. I betcha she grits her teeth and forces a polite reply followed by an offhand comment on who knows how long love can last, blah, blah.Misery loves company and she's one helluva lonely tramp.

"The Women" is just full of satisfying cattiness from all ends as the central heroines marriage slowly dissolves. It's not just a vapid movie of quickfire snarks, there are heartbreaking images of sadness, pain, from the viewpoint of the daughter caught in the middle and the pride of the divorced mother. It's such a well rounded movie that in the end it just felt justified and well wrapped up. A happy ending! The kind of ending that isn't rushed or wrapped up in some crappy as sentimental hug. No. The heroine fought back! She overcomes her pride and uses it as a mighty weapon!VICTORY!

Being a female full of pride (although others would say full of something else but they can suck it), I can relate to practically almost every female character. From the pride filled heroine who stands fast to her ideals and principles. To the young new wife full of hope and love for her own marriage and relationship. To the cousin who tells it like it is, even if it will cost her the company of her friends. To the Countess who after three or four divorces, still believes in love. To the friend who's willing to rip open a wound to awaken the mind.

Well I can't relate to home wrecker. I am mostly a good dame after all.

Favorite part of the movie:

Mary Haines (to her mother):
"I've had two years to grow claws mother....JUNGLE RED!"

(There is IMDB for this movie right here:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0032143/)

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