Thursday, March 10, 2011

50 First Dates (2004)

Adam Sandler has came out with so many movies that everyone has their own favorite Sandler movies. Out of all his wonky movies, my favorite is the most romantic of them all.

I am not a huge Sandler fan. Most often I roll my eyes even while snickering occasionally. To love a Sandler movie is to have an acquired humor.Sandler humor is a blend of silly potty humor and slapstick comedy. This might be dismissed by most audience since there have been so many crappy comedy movies. It's actually pretty surprising that Sandler has been so successful in his movies. Sandler is just good at coming up with entertaining stories. They are far fetched and often times ridiculous but entertaining nonetheless.

"50 First Dates" is one of Sandlers most romantic and far fetched of them all. Most people would favor "The Wedding Singer" as their own romantic favorite but it didn't affect me in any way. "The Wedding Singer" came off as too cheesy and bland. I do enjoy watching it occasionally because I love Billy Idol's appearance but it's not my favorite.

Before I summarize the movie, just remember that this story line is very, very,far fetched and not to be taken too seriously.

The movie centers around Lucy (played by Drew Barrymore), a lovely girl who lives in Hawaii. Sandler plays Henrik, a zoo vet (thumbs up from me!) who meets Lucy in a restaurant close to where his car had broken down. They seem to hit off and Henrik is happy. When he returns to the restaurant, Lucy is alarmed when he recognizes her and Henry is astounded.

A family friend of Lucy's family Sue (played the awesome Amy Hill) informs Henry that Lucy suffers from a special case of amnesia dues to a car accident she had years ago. Lucy can remember events leading up to the accident but not the accident itself. Every day is the same day for her over and over. For years, her family and friends have kept her thinking it was the same day by providing her the same newspapers and such. When Lucy does remember she freaks out and they all have to console her.

Despite warnings from family and friends, Henrik still seeks to see Lucy. Every day, he comes up with new and interesting ways to meet her. Every day is a first date.

That is a very, very, very improbably and far fetched plot line. Yet it is entertaining and sweet as hell. That is just so freaking romantic that I'm wiggling and squealing as I think about it. The idea of a guy who is so in love with you that he would put this much effort to it. In a time, where most guys can't be bothered to drive or even open doors for (most not all), it is surprising that this idea comes from Sandler. This also adds to my idea that Sandler is just a goofy but romantic guy. Once again, my kind of guy.

It's pointless to analyze the plot. Once again, it is a Sandler movie and it is far fetched. Enough said.

The casting is typical of a Sandler movie. Like Smith he tends to use the same cast members. My favorite is Drew Barrymore. She plays such a sweet amnesiac character. Well not all the time. I always crack up when she went after Rob Schneider with a baseball bat.

Plus Dan Akyroyd makes a cameo (double thumbs up!)

My absolute draw to the movie is the sondtrack. It is one of my favorite movie soundtracks (Rocky Horror tops my list). The song helped lend a sweet and romantic tone to the movie. Its soft, whimsical and very odd for a Sandler movie.

What's even odder is how many sweet moments are sprinkled throughout the movie. The walrus and penguins steal their scenes. The date setups are sweet. The bonfire serenade. All of it the adds to the sincerity of Henry's devotion to Lucy.

Simply put, this is one of my favorite atypical Adam Sandler movie.

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