Monday, March 7, 2011

That Thing You Do! (1996)

This movie has one of the catchiest songs I have ever heard in a a very long time. And it won't get out of my head!!!

I'm not too sure how I came to adding this movie to my Netflix queue but somehow I did. For some reason, I liked this movie. I don't love this movie but I do like it.

It's the damn title song!!!! I swear there's a subliminal message in that song.

"That Thing You do!" is a movie set in the 1960's. We are introduced to a suave, jaded young male named Guy Patterson. Guy is a cool jazz-loving drummer who is unhappy working for his fathers unfailing appliance store. He befriends a growing garage band and instantly becomes the drummer. From there begins the growth of "The Oneders".

The movie is kind of a parallel nod to 'The Beatles" even though the story is set a year after the rise of the "The Beatles". Just like "The beatles", the title has a play on the band name ("The Beetles"/ "The Beatles). There are other parallels but you would have to check IMDB for that one.

The movie follows the rise and fall of the band. Their led by a hot shot band manager played by Tom Hanks (who also directed this movie). Tagging along with the band is the lead singers girlfriend, Faye (played by Liv Tyler). With each fair show they perform, the higher their single, "that thing you do!" climbs the billboard. Along the way, the band begins to fragment as they begin to grow.

This movie was enjoyable to watch but it wasn't terribly exciting. It was pretty much a given that the band was going to fail somehow so I was expecting a more dramatic end to the band. Instead, it just ends.

The acting was so....I'm not even too sure how I can describe. Aloof? Pretty? Vacant? I'm pretty sure we, the audience, is supposed to sympathize with Guy but there were very few moments that he showed some character for me to like. My favorite scene is when he totally geeks out in front of his jazz idols. He's so sincere and happy that you just can't help but smile.

The love triangle in the movie was very faint and lacked any drive. It was cute how they ended but the most reaction I can illicit is a sigh and a shrug.

I did love two cast members in the movie. I loved the small cameo of Colin Hanks towards the end. Colin is the son of Tom Hanks. I've adored Colin ever since his role in"Roswell", one of my favorite shows from my teenage years.

The second cast member I love is Ethan Embry. He plays the sweet and lovable bass player of the movie. Ever since I watched "Freakylinks", I have been obsessed with him!

What really made this movie enjoyable for me was the damn song. It's so wholesome and catchy. Plus I do love the rise and descent of a star.

For all that, I still enjoyed the movie. It's a nice, sweet movie to relax to. Nothing more, nothing less.


Matty V. said...

Haha great post! And I agree completely. That song is so damn catchy, sometimes I find myself awakened by it in the wee hours of the morning.

Also, cool blog. I'm following. If you can't get enough film, perhaps you can follow mine as well @


Movie Dame said...

i know the feeling...that song just creeps up on you. thanks for following!

Anonymous said...

Good review, the music in the show was is some of the best 60's music ever written outside of the '60's. The movie itself might be an excellent B Grade flick, but the soundtrack is A+. If you like the title song, listen to the whole soundtrack.