Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sucker Punch (2011)

This is the first posting that I would write about a movie that is currently out. I feel compelled to add my own positive review of the view amidst all the negative reviews out there. I just watched this movie on Friday night when it came.

I was hopping all day excited as hell to watch this movie. My workplace was very much amused in seeing me coherent at so early in the day.I was wiggling through the seemingly endless stream of previews.

And then the movie started.....

"Suckerpunch" is an epic fantasy movie involving five young girls (ranging between 20-25 yrs). We are first introduced to Babydoll in an amazing non-dialogue sequence where we learn that in an attempt to defend her and her sister from her abusive stepfather, Baby Doll's little sister is accidentally shot. She is then shipped off to a mental institute where her stepfather bribes the warden to do a labotomy in about five days. At the institute we meet the other four girls: Sweetpea and Rocket (sisters). Amber, and Blondie. With the help of the inhouse phychiatrist, the girls go through two different alternate realities. One is where all the girls are dancer/prostitues. The other is super awesome world where they are combat officers fighting crazy machines and clockwork nazis. In order to be "free", the girls must obtain 5 items: a knife, fire, a map. and a key. The fifth is a mystery. So begins the adventure.


I was going nuts throughout the movie. My eyes were greedily soaking in the beautiful, visual effects. My hands were itching for a controller during the fight scenes. I swear I could see Final Fantasy X2 and Mortal Kombat influences sprinkled about. I wanted to wear so many of the combat outfits (my favorite is Sweet Peas). My ears were drunk happy by the awesome soundtrack. When I heard the "White Rabbit" song my chest was bubbling with happiness.

This is not an exaggeration of my reactions. More like an understatement.

As the end credits rolled, my roomie (who came along for the excitement) were whooping and prancing about with excitement. The words weren't tumbling fast enough from our lips, we were so excited! We gushed at how much Baby Dolls weapons reminded us of Yuna of Final Fantasy X2 and how awesome it would be to weild a sword AND a gun.

I glanced to my other companions hoping to share the excitement. Only to be met with annoyed stone faces.

Even my favorite online reviews have skewered this movie. Some have brought up great points, others were just cruel. I'm not too sure why so many people hate this movie. The most common complaint is that the movie is "all shine and no substance".

Um. UH-DUH. There are posters of girls in front of crazy scenaries wearing sexy outfits and caryying heavy artillery. They're wearing SEXY outfits. Baby Doll is wearing a sailor outfit!! Who the hell fights in a sailor outfit!?!?!?

What were people expecting??!?! An in depth look into human nature as pretty girls parade around in pigtails? No. This movie was exactly what I wanted and more: girls fighting through their own barriers in a cool, kick ass way. I went in expecting to be wowed and I came out practically drooling from happiness.

Maybe it's the abrupt shift into alternate realities that has everybody getting their knickers twisted. If you listen to the prologue, you can already figure out how it works. It's not just Baby Doll who has her own alternate reality.

There's been also a dismissive gesture that this movie was made for pre teen boys. Um, probably. But not quite. I am an adult (in a manner of speaking..) and I LOVED this movie. I would rather argue that this movie was made for the female geeks out there. The ones who love rock music, anime, and video games. Finally! A movie with female kickassers!!! Men, you can slaver over your "300", we have "Sucker Punch"

I love the hyper special effects. I have no idea what the Zach Snyder (directors) effects are called but it's awesome. If you've seen "Watchmen", it's similar.

Some people saw "Wizard of Oz" elements. I saw more "Alice in Wonderland". Especially "McGee's Alice" computer game. The pink bunny on the machine. The blue pinafore like dress. I can't remember if "Lennox" had anything to do with wonderland. The falling into an absurd world( or worlds) just like Wonderland. The general reminded me of the caterpillar. Also the "White Rabbit" song.

Oh and the steampunk themes just drove me crazy!!! I loved it!!! The clockwork nazis were cool even though they reminded me of the villain in "Hellboy".

I could gush on and on about this movie....but I have dash off to do a midterm. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can rewatch it again. This would be a "either you love it or hate it". All I would ask is that you go in without any expectations. Just sit back and enjoy the movie.

Favorite quote from the movie:

"If you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for anything"


Rachel [ f.g.i. ] said...

I'm pleased to see that you enjoyed "Sucker Punch," because I really did too!

I think too many people were expecting the next "300." It's similar to what happened to M. Night Shyamalan. After the success and genius of "The Sixth Sense," he was expected to follow up with something even better (which he didn't), and he's been on a down-ward spiral ever since.

I think people should just appreciate the creativity of "Sucker Punch."

Glad to hear you liked it too!!

Movie Dame said...

thanks rachel!!! i agree...it almost makes sucks that you would start off with a great movie and be known just for that great movie and be disdained for others....i'm not too sure if that comment made sense...i am still healing from my cold...