Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pippi Longstocking (1988)

I read through "Pippi Longsocking" books like crack. I forget how many books are in the series and I frankly forgot what the stories were. I do remember just absolutely adoring Pippi. I wanted to be Pippi! Which might explain why I'm so wacky.

There have been several versions of the story in movies. I know there's one that was made in 1969 and several television episodes. This version made in 1988 isn't great but it's what I remember. I get so giddy and childish every time I hear the theme song!

Pippi Longstocking is the charming but wacky red headed (Ginger!) young girl. Her father is a pirate captain overseas. She lives in a suburban house with a monkey and a horse. She's a magical child with unbelievable strength. She could lift the horse with no problems!In the stories she was involved with lots of zany adventures with her friends. Fun and silly all around!

The movie is no different. I haven't seen the movie in ages but I'm always seeking out a DVD copy. From what I remember of the plot, Pippi Longstocking is waiting for her father to come home. As she waits, the evil Childrens agency seeks to take Longstocking into their custody after catching wind that she's been living by herself. After attempts to runaway with a Pippi-manned helicopter and barreling down a waterfall, she does get taken. I do remember she gets out and her father returns. I apologize for the shaky summary but I haven't seen the movie since I was twelve.

It might also be because the movie didn't really have a strong storyline. There was a lot of silly, zany childrens fun. "Pippi Longstocking" is a childrens story and the movie directed the movie to its target audience.

One of my favorite scene is when Pippi is cleaning the house with her friends. They decide to strap on brushes on their feet. They sweep and swoop around the movie as they sing another catchy light-hearted song. I do remember trying to duct tape a brush to the bottom of my feet but only managed to squash the brush. My mother should have been mad except that she just laughed at my expression of disbelief in a soapy puddle.

I did wonder how she kept her pig tails curved like that. You got the impression that Pippi was poor with her brightly colored rags and bare cupboards. She would have had to use mounds of gel or hairspray...which I don't think they had during the time the novels were written.So I don't think she had wire hangers holding those braids up. Actually, I think she just had normal braids in the novel. Oh well.

If your in a mood to feel like a child, then you may enjoy this movie. Fair warning: you may not get the theme song of your head.

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