Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)

I know I'm becoming that older generation when I begin to sneer at the newest teen fad.

What do I mean? Lemme see....

1. I've read the Twilight books and it was ridiculous. The only, only redeeming quality of is the underage eye candy in the movie.

2. High School musical was awesome. I gave Disney kudos for that one. Until they shat out High School Musical 2 AND 3....Unbelievable.

3. Justin Beiber. I can't even write out that name without rolling my eyes back while gagging.

4. Keysha.Where's my bucket? I need to vomit.

5. Not even to mention all the running belt of teen/tween starlets heading straight into the jailhouse and drug haze.

That got me thinking about what was my own teen fad. On the top of my head, I can remember the JTT and Leo fever, Titanic mania, Judy Blume novels, R.L. Stine series, the wholesomeness of Nickelodeon, the wackiness of Rocko's Modern Life, and the immortal world of the Simpsons.

Geez, that just seems so innocent and clean in comparison for the modern generation.

As a female growing up in the nineties, I was part of the large group of like-minded females who were completely devoted to one of the best and sweetest teen series ever. Every book was full of problems that seemed gigantic to our limited world and was neatly solved at the end. We all aspired to become like these characters who had unique personalities and traits. Ten best friends banding together for The Baby Sitters Club a.k.a BSC.


There is no way you would enjoy the movie based on the series if you weren't familiar with theseries. I guess you can try to understand the movie but the movie is assuming that you know the history of the BSC and doesn't waste any time in going over that. Plus, this is a movie entirely for females. Young, middle-schooled girls. Sorry boys.

The movie is mainly based on one of the BSC's summer special series. Aside from the main series (of which I own about a good sixty), there were the side series. There was the summer ones, the little sister ones, I believe a Scary one, Mystery ones, and the portrait ones. The series ran for so long, that I lost track of them after a few years.

The story goes that Kristy(the ringleader) has an idea to earn more money aside from the regular babysitting jobs. They all agree to start a summer camp. They become entangled in a cranky neighbor, young love, a surpise visit from a deadbeat dad, and legal red tape. All while strengthening the bonds of friendship.

Compared to the crap now, it just seems way too wholesome.Squeaky clean wholesome.

The movie is played out they way it was marketed for. Lots of cheerful colors and girly scenary. The characters were dressed as exactly described in the series. The story flows almost as if your reading the book. Just like the books, the problems within the movie are solved with no loose strings flowing. The jokes are childish and the antics of the "villains" (Cookie Mason) are kinda lame. It's still a fun movie for a BSC fan nonetheless.

I was completely obsessed with the BSC and seeing it come to life on the screen was AWESOME. Just plain AWESOME. I was wiggling and crying from happiness the first time I watched it. Every time I've watched it since, I become transported to Young me. It always reminds me of the ideals that inspired me and the kind of people I idolized. I'm just thankful that I grew up with the BSC. Thank you, Ann M. Martin!

If your familar with the BSC, I thought Claudia as the coolest person in the club.

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