Friday, September 3, 2010

Cinderella (TV movie) (1997)

I'm pretty wiped right now but I really wanted to write about this movie before I forget again.
Also excuse if my grammar and sentence structure are more out of whack than usual. My eyes are bleary.

I haven't watched alot of television lately since I'm not in the mood to sift through endless channels when I'm really exhausted. Now and then I will become riveted to a show of certain calibers. Unfortunately most of the shows I've loved are over or canceled.

Just because I'm in a bit of nostalgia wave, I will list down as many as I can remember:

* Rocko's modern Life
* Teen Angel
* Dawson's Creek
* Roswell
* Ugly Betty
* Pushing Daisies
* Dollhouse

What also pushed me away from TV is the lack of a great TV movie. I believe mainly NBC or ABC or Disney movies did the family movies that I remember when I was young. These were great and enjoyable family movies. Not movies based on whoever is the hottest Disney artist but upon what was an enjoyable story.

I have the VHS copy of it and have rewatched it to the point that I need to get the DVD copy.
"Cinderella" was a movie that aired on TV and later sold as videos. It starred Brandy (a.k.a Moesha), Whitney Houston, Bernadette Peters, Jason Alexander, Victor Garber, Whoopi Goldberg,and others. It was touted as a first in multi racial movies but I don't see race when I watch this movie.

I see the cutest prince courting a girl with lots of awesome musical numbers.

He was a really cute prince...

Damn, I still have a crush on him!

Cinderella is my second hated Disney princess and the Grimm original irritates me. Cinderella always stuck me as dumbass.

Brandy played Cinderella with a quiet and yet sassy edge to her. She did a great job of conveying the cooped up pressure of her internal dreams. I hated the evening gown at the end though (really? blue? completely unflattering).

The song and dance numbers are pretty extravagant colorful. Songs are light and catchy.

There were alot of stellar cast members in this movie. The one who fascinated me was the fabulous Bernadette Peters as the stepmother. I love it when she sings "Fallin' in love with love". Damn do I love that part!!!

I just can't get over how enjoyable and fun this movie was. It never fails to relax and put right back to child mood.

It's bugging me how eerily similar
Brandy in Cinderella looks like Tatiana Princess and the Frog...Hmmm....Coincedence?


Taylor Hayes said...

I don't want to seem rude, but I'm thinking the only thing they have in common is the fact that they're both African-American with blue dresses on...

Movie Dame said...

Hello there! it wasn't rude :) i was focusing on the style of the outfits and tiara. The fact both are African American adds to the coincidence :P