Friday, September 24, 2010

Heathers (1989)

I've been trying to find a good time to write about this movie. I was really rolling in the catty mood a few days ago and this movie popped immediately in my mind. My mood has improved but the itch to write about this movie hasn't gone away.

It was from watching "I love the 80's" special on VH1 that I even heard of this movie. It was so weird the first time I watched and I bet it was too for the initial audience watchers. It isn't the subject matter, its the dialogue that makes this movie awesomely weird. The dialogue is unique in exaggerated tones and lingo.

The most famous line from the movie is : "drink it up baby, drink it up!" spoken by the character played by Winona Ryder. Yup. Winona Ryder. Just like Christina Ricci, if Ryder is in the movie then it's gonna be weird somehow.

This is a really bitchy, catty, dark comedy. It involves a clique of four girls. Three of the girls are all named Heather(One Heather is played by Shannon Dougherty) and one (Ryder) is Veronica. The four girls are led by one dominant Heather. As with any dominant bitch she lords it with insults and control. Until a new boy,J.D., (played by a very handsome and young Christian Slater) comes and captures the attention of Veronica. Inspired by Veronica's contempt of the Heathers, J.D. kills the lead Heather and makes it look like suicide.

The funny thing about killing a dominant pack leader of any species, you just left a vacuum. Nature abhors vacuum. And whoever fills that space will not always be necessarily better than the previous leader which J.D. and Veronica find out.

It's the follow through of killing and destroying these vile girls just give me a satisfaction like no other. It's not even just the Heathers, its the destruction of the two idiot bullies too that is satisfying. Speaking of which, that reminds me of another classic line from the movie:"I love my dead gay son!".

I forget the writers name but I can tell he had some strong opinions through his portrayal of certain issue. One issue obviously media coverage of teen suicide. I suppose teen suicide was barely being recognized and wasn't given the proper attention.

It doesn't get much darker than murder and teen suicide and yet there are alot of funny bits in this movie. My favorite part was how they killed the first Heather and she crashed right into the glass table. I have no idea why that strikes me funny. I must be a very morbid creature indeed.

This movie has more of a cult following than positive public favor. Some people get caught up in the suicide and murder and are completely insulted by the seemingly tasteless handling of it(Of which once again the write purposely did to echo what was being done to such issues during that time). People don't have a problem with the idea of the mean girls of the clique. I think the main issue people have with the movie that I must warn people about is the dialogue. It is heavy with slang that is current, old, and not even existent until the movie played out. Whether or not it was on purpose, any movie whose lexicon is almost purely of slang is going to be difficult. Hence why I had so much trouble reading "A Clockwork Orange".I'll admit that.

If this movie was a parent then it's offspring would be "Mean Girls" and "Jawbreakers". Hope that helps to put this movie into perspective.

(Sorry if this post seems to be more of a ramble....i'm sleepy and i rushed it....i promise i will do better next time)

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