Thursday, September 2, 2010

Digimon the Movie (2000)

Does anyone remember Digimon?



Well get ready for a dose of nostalgia. Open up!

Digimon came at the tail success of Pokemon (which I was the first generation of kids to obsess over!!!!). Digimon was more of a cartoon suited for older kids. The story lines were a little bit more complex but mostly pretty weird. I actually barely remember the story line.

Let's just say Pokemon was for babies and Digimon are for those those can go potty on their own.

From what I remember, there were 7(?) kids who were transported to the digital world where they met with their digital animal friends called Digimon. Unlike Pokemon, these creatures had different names and personality. They fought monsters and something something. Whatever, the show was made for short attention spans. Hey we all had homework to do!

It was the movie that clenched it as one of my favorite animated films of my youth. This movie is so good, it can easily stand alone from the series.

My VHS copy is damaged so I can't go back and rewatch it so bear with me if I forget the details. The story is split into three parts with a common thread that links them all.

It was a pretty clever tactic which made the final part of the movie meaningful and exciting.

The first part is almost like a prequel that is full of cuteness and action. The second part is where I get fuzzy on the details. The final part stands clearly in my mind. Just remembering about it gets me really excited! I love that part!

I would go into detail about it but it would completely ruin the movie for you. Even if your older and haven't seen the movie, it's still really enjoyable.

I love the style it was drawn. I wonder if it's because of the subbed audio, but the dialogue timing is just hilarious.

Digital Monsters!
Digimon are the champions!

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