Monday, September 6, 2010

Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993)

Of all the Mel Brook parodies, "Men in Tights" is my absolute favorites. The casting was great (Loved Cary Elwes as Robin Hood!), the jokes still cracks me up to this day, and it's just an all around great movie.

It's hard to pull off an enjoyable parody. Most parodies I've seen either try too hard to be clever or fall way too short of eliciting a snicker. Consider the chain of parody movies that have been spitting out. The initial 3 parts of the "Scary Movie" series were funny until they tanked. Date movie was funny but still disgusting and lame at many parts. "Epic Movie" and "Disaster Movie" pretty much prevented me from watching any more modern parodies. They weren't even parodies. More like taking cheap shots at whatever popular movie was out. Lame and cheap.

If only those writers and producers studied Mel Brook movies. I bet they were considered cheap and lame when those came out. However, there is a sharp and wide contrast between a Brooks movie and whatever cheap parody there is out there now. Brook movies were a great mixture of obvious, clever, and subtle humor. Everyone could get them, from a child to a senior citizen.

"Robin Hood: Men In Tights" is a parody of Robin Hood. That's pretty much it. The story of Robin is familair to everybody! There is no point of me even writing about it.

I Have so many favorite parts in this movie. I love it when the sing the "Men In Tights" song. I love it when Dave Chapelle comes as "Achoo". I love it when Maid Marion is singing in her bathtub. I love Latrine! Ahh! So many!

Above all my favorites is the cuteness and hilarity that is Cary Elwes. He played Robin Hood so well, that he will always be Robin Hood in my heart!

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