Thursday, September 2, 2010


I couldn't call myself a film buff if I didn't mention "Clerks". It took a while for me to watch this movie. I was young and bored the first time I watched it. I was exhausted from classes the second time I watched it a few years later. It was the third charmed way that I loved the movie.

"Clerks" involves a convenience store clerk named Dante (whom I have a bit of a crush) and video rental clerk friend Randall. Dante has a slight problem with his girlfriend and the movie goes from there. Lots of dialogue and some really random funny moments. Plus you get the see the amazing duo of Jay and Silent Bob for the first time.

I believe you have to be of age to watch this movie. I don't mean you have to be at least thirteen or something. Although the amount of profanity in this movie would corrupt any impressionable youth.

You have to be of the same age and mind set of the tone of the movie. Alot of people like to call this movie for slackers. Which is true but it's so much more than that.

When I watched it for the third time, I was at the final year of college. I was working full time at Office Max and taking full time course at school. As I watched this movie, I felt a kindred spirit in the writings of Kevin Smith. The whole idea of people working in a schlummy job and yet they still hold on to their adolescent ideas of pop culture really resonates me. The humor in the movie is quick, dry, and absolutely witty. I could easily replay similar dialogues I have had with my own friends. I still do that now!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Smith at a Smodcast art gallery less than a year ago. He is easily the most nicest and approachable guy I have ever idoled. I've seen him speak at Comic Con several times and he is absolutely enjoyable. Conversations with him are never dull! Seriously, if you get a chance rent the DVD of "An Evening with Kevin Smith".

I have to mention something that always bugs me. I was reminded of this as I was sitting in an intro story writing class last night when a good 80% of the male students proudly credited "Clerks" as being their influential movie to write their own better movie.

I say screw you pricks for insulting this movie.

Any movie can be made technically better. With every coming year, a new tweak can be done to make movies more enhanced. However many shiny sparkles you put on a movie, you still have to have a story to tell and characters to care about. I didn't need a film class to tell me that.

"Clerks" is an amazing movie in that it was simple and sincere. It wasn't full of Hollywood fluff or crap. It was just a regular guy who had several cool topics to talk about and made a movie of it. People should be inspired to make an honest and sincere movie. NOT to make this movie better!

(Oh and for the record, I LOVE "Clerks 2" but for completely different reasons)

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