Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?(1988)

If I'm going to delve deep into my known archive of cartoons, how can I not pause fondly at remembering Roger Rabbit?

I hold it as a serious crime when people meander around the Toon Town section at Disneyland and not recognize who Roger Rabbit is. A serious crime that is punishable by intense and annoying screaming during the rides. Yes. Very loud screaming.

Rodger Rabbit is a crazy cartoon rabbit. Simply crazy but fun. He's happy, hyper, and in love with Jessica Rabbit, a VERY sexy and buxom toon lady. I really loved this couple. Roger Rabbit is just that sweet and funny geek that lucked out with the sexy chick who loves him back.

The movie is based on a novel by Gary K. Wolfs entitled, " Who Censored Roger Rabbit?". I did not read the novel so I have no clue if how well this movie aligns with the novel. In the movie, Roger Rabbit is a famous cartoon in a world where toons and real life humans coexist. He's married to Jessica Rabbit. Roger Rabbit is accused of murdering a human. He goes under hiding and enlists the help of another human named Eddie Valient to help solve the crime. Valient is reluctant but gets dragged along for the adventure.

At the same time, the toon world is threatened to be extinct thanks to the villain of the movie, Doom(played by Christopher Lylod). Doom absolutely hates cartoons and even created a chemical called the Dip that kills toons. There is a missing deed from the murdered human that can save the toon world. Now it's up to Roger Rabbit to clear his name and save the toons!

I loved it the first time I watched it since it was full of cartoons and silliness. I also really loved the cartoon cab driver. I wished so much that this world actually existed. I used to live near the Hyperion Bridge where they would go into Toon World. Every time my mother drove under I pretended that I could hear the theme song and that there would be an explosion of color around me. Alas, everlasting disappointment and the crash from over-active imagination.

Not only is the nostalgia value render this movie high on my favorite movie list, but it still holds the same enjoyment as I'm older. It's utterly silly from the get-go. You can't take it too seriously when you realize that it's a hybrid between reality and cartoon. I can understand the story now and it's really good. I still consider the answer to the mystery very simple and clever.

How cool is it to make a hybrid movie in the first place? What a cool idea! It was clever how they integrated the humans with the cartoons. It's not perfect but for 1988, that was pretty awesome.

It's really easy to create a crazy character (Freakazoid comes immediately to mind). It's rare to have a crazy character that is charming and endearing without being overly annoying. Ultimately I always felt I could relate to the antics of Roger Rabbit. Especially with a good dose of soda.

This movie is hilarious if your familiar the comedy antics of Looney Toons, then your familiar with the style. Yet there is also alot of sexual and dark humor.It's pretty much a great combination of crazy cartoons, mystery,and comedy. A treat for anyone who is young at heart.

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