Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Birdcage (1996)

During my lunch break, a coworker and I watched the beginning part of the VMAs. When Lady Gaga won the award for "Best Female artist", she was weeping and thanking her fans, the "little monsters". Her parting thanks was "for the gays". My friend turned to me and wondered aloud why she would make that the parting words. I explained in return that Lady Gaga is a huge supporter of the gay community. He gave me an honest, bewildered look and simply asked,"People are still hatin' on the gays?"

Yeah. They still are and it pisses me off.

I grew up in Los Angeles. I work in an area that neighbors West Hollywood. My mom's transsexual friend did my hair and makeup when I went to prom. My mom's gay boss is our dear friend. I love David Bowie and Lady Gaga.

I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community. I adore their culture, ideals, and strength. Frankly I never understood this homophobia that stains this country.

I rather not go into a huge ramble about gay rights so I will summarize my feelings into this: if you love someone, you have every right to be with that someone. The ONLY obstacle that should stand in your way is whether that person returns the same feelings.

It's bad enough dealing with the insecurities of the vulnerable heart, then to worry that your natural feelings will instigate a public outcry.

No surprise that my thoughts jumped to movies.I really love tranny movies. There's too much to mention but I thought I would mention one of the funniest ones I know.

"The Birdcage" has Nathan Lane and Robin Williams. I have to mention again, Robin Williams. It's a really, really outdated movie and many people would find it offensive. Offensive in that Lane and Williams characters try to hide gay identities to appease the approval of their son's fiance's parents.

Once again, Robin Williams. So brace yourself.

Nathan Lane("Albert") and Robin Williams ("Armund")play a longtime gay couple who run a cabaret in Florida. Lane plays a melodramatic cross-dressing "female" while Williams plays a slightly more subdued "male". Williams acting is pretty subdued (yes!!!) while Lane steals the scenes with his antics (double yes!!).

Armund has a biological son. His son decides to marry the daughter of a conservative senator. For his son, Armund and Albert try to emasculate themselves to appear normal to the future in laws. The scene where Albert is trying to butter the toast like a man is freaking hilarious!

In what seems to be a nod towards the Auntie Mame character, Albert dresses as a woman and pretends to be Armunds wife. Once the future in laws arrive you can pretty much predict what kind of comedic antics will ensue.

Before anybody gets their knickers in a twist, this movie was made in 1996! Some of the jokes may fall flat for todays audience who are more used to the LGBT culture on the screen. To put in another perspective, this movie came out two years before "Will and Grace". People were barely beginning to accept that LGBT people were people and not just freaks that put on costumes for mere entertainment.

If you didn't grew up watching movies in the nineties, then this quality of movie would most likely make you cringe.

My advice? Just relax. Enjoy the comedic duo of Nathan Lane and Robin Williams.

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