Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

I spoke too soon about there being no good modern parodies. I just remembered another great parody movie. I would say it's better than Scary Movie but not as clever as Mel Brooks movie.

Think back to all the teen movies there are; "Pretty in Pink", "She's All That", "10 Things I hate About You", and more. They all share a same standard storyline:
1. Girl and Boy Meet
2. For some reason, Boy and Girl hate or cannot be with each other
3. Major Misunderstanding
4. Understanding is achieved at a school dance
5. At the crucial last moment, differences are set aside, and ta-dah! love!

It's a stupid and unrealistic story arc. It allows for no character development other than through jokes and distant dialogue. School dances are made to seem more exciting than the really are. Sterotypes of all sorts are constantly recycled. Whatever differences the Girl or Boy had were minimal and easily small enough to look over.

Teen movies are stupid. I KNOW.


I've seen about every damn teen movie. I can easily predict the outcome and am still happy and giddy when the Girl and Boy kiss. Deliriously happy. I am just an absolute sucker for these movies. My only defense is by knowing the inevitable outcome, I can just enjoy the road that it takes to get there.

Plus, the male cast members are usually dreamy. I know, vain. Whatever.

What I love most about "Not Another Teen Movie" is that I can tell that whoever wrote it feels the same way I do. You love them but there so ripe for ridicule. The jokes in the movie echo my thoughts. The background dialogue is especially funny. Plus four things makes this movie super special awesome:

2. Good Charlotte is the band that plays at the school prom (I LOVE GOOD CHARLOTTE!)
3. Molly Ringwald makes a great cameo.
4. Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love" music video (features most of the cast members)

The story of the movie is pretty much what I've outlined above. If you never seen any teen movie, then this movie might be a bit hard to understand the jokes. Nevertheless, it's still an enjoyable movie.

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