Friday, August 13, 2010

All About Eve (1950)

I'm in a fantastically horrible mood today after pulling my back and almost losing my phone. So I'm gonna write about a real bitch of a movie. Specifically, a movie of underhanded slyness of a bitch undercover.

"All About Eve" stars Bette Davis once again. Look, it's hard to just limit one review to Miss Davis. She has been in a ton of classic and memorable movies.

It's also fun to see her in a role where she yells at everyone and is just a plain diva. Sweet.

Bette Davis plays Margo, who is an aging theater diva (I hope I can age that beautifully).Anne Baxter is Eve, Margos number one fan and supposed sweet hopeful actress. Eve starts by befriending Margo with her naivety. Naive as in sweet, country girl full of wide eyed innocence naive. Margo believes her simple wish to become an actress and encourages it by introducing Eve to high profile circle of movers and shakers. From this break, Eve begins to manipulate and deceive everyone into getting the ultimate goal of being even more famous than Margo.Margo is so confident and full of herself that she doesn't even see it coming. When she does, it's already too late and on the fast track of obscurity.

For once, I did not like the heroine at all. I was cheering for the villainess! Bette Davis plays Margo with such a high and mighty attitude that I was tempted to grab the nearest arrow to shoot her ego down.I even admit to being pleased about Eves success in screwing people over for her own good. I mean she was damn good at it.

There have been so many movies about backstage antics between people. The drama, the fights, the tears. All to be in the spotlight. Brutal but so juicy to watch.

Hell, there are alot of snarky dialogue...

Margo : Nice speech, Eve. But I wouldn't worry too much about your heart. You can always put that award where your heart ought to be.


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