Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunshine (2007)

This movie came to mind when i listened to the new linkin park song (which by the way, I absolutely hate. With every fiber of my soul). Linkin Park had a great song a year ago called "Leave Out All the Rest". The music video was a great tribute to the movie and the song was hauntingly beautiful.

"Sunshine" is science fiction movie. It's about fifty years in the future and the sun has gone out. A group of astronauts and engineers rig a trip to unite the pieces of the sun in order to reignite it. There is alot of drama and intensity aboard the spaceship as it travels with the piece of the sun. A lot of pressure is on the team to be successful in their mission. If they fail, the fate of earth is upon their shoulders.

They are also the second and final team to attempt this mission. The first team that attempted it disappeared. The second team have spent countless time and energy studying the mistakes of the first. The guy who holds the crucial button undergoes a beautiful visual demonstration. Lots of lasers and floating shiny diagrams. Chester of the linkin park does the same in the video.

On top of that, there is some sort of evil presence on the ship that seems to prevent the team from their success. This plants the seed of doubt and moral questions.

Science fiction novels, movies, or any other media are full of questions. I consider it a success when I'm still thinking about those questions days or years from when I've experienced it. Questions like, "what would happen if the sun burnt out? How much time would we have?" .

Now if that isn't enough, Cris Evans is in the movie. Sold.

It's a great movie. It pretty much fell between the cracks. Even though it's hard to find people to compare notes with, it just makes the movie more awesome. I guess I'm just one of those niche movies.

I also couldn't help thinking that I wouldn't be surprised if Doctor Who came in and saved everyone.

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