Saturday, August 21, 2010

Over the Hedge (2006)

The same year "Penelope" came out, a darling animated movie came out. It was based on a comic strip of the same name. After I watched the movie, I immediately purchased the book containing the strips. I love the strips and the movie.

The movie was put out by Dreamworks and is one of their lesser known movies. There were barely any advertising on it and I would have almost missed it. I'm glad I caught it.

"Over the Hedge" is comic/story told from the perspectives of woodland creatures who have had their habitat completely diminished by suburbia expansion. The movie focuses on the troubles of R.J. Racoon who has made a deal with a bear to return all the food that R.J. has destroyed. R.J. stumbles upon the impressionable and lovable group of woodland friends who are easily duped into helping R.J. collect food in the name of "foraging".

It's got something for everyone. The dialogue is tongue-in-cheek when it comes to the ideas of suburbia. The antics of the creatures are hilarious and silly. Not enough to make you wonder your IQ level but enough for you to smile and chuckle. The relationships between the animals are sweet. Typical of childrens movies, there are alot of reference that adults would get. If you know the reference of course (i.e. Rose.....Bud....).

I absolutely love Hammy the squirrel. He was hyper and cute. I like to think I resemble him in some sort of way...

I really love this movie. It's sweet, silly, cheery yet not done in an over exaggerated manner. I've watched this movie a gazillion times and I still chuckle and smile throughout. It's just such a simply great animated movie. Movies like this are sorely missed in a time where Toy Story beat out Shrek as the top animated childrens movie. I spit on you Toy Story. Spiiiiiiit.
Then again, I am the small niche of people who are awesome for knowing about "Over the Hedge".

The voice casting for this movie would have been spotless except for Avril Lavigne as the the possum's daughter. Thank goodness she doesn't get much lines.
It's another light movie that cheers me up. It's pure entertainment. It doesn't delve deep into the psyche or question morals. It's shallow enough for me to soak and relax.

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