Friday, August 6, 2010

Stardust (2007)

I'm really lazy today and I wanted to watch my other favorite Neil Gaimen movie. Except I can't find it anymore. I have boxes of DVDs and I can't find the one movie I wanna watch right. I bet I'll find it tomorrow or some other random point in time.

This movie really slipped under the radar for many people. Most have sadly never even heard of the graphic novel. It's one of Gaimens romantic stories full of aerial pirates, witches, falling stars, and lots of magic. The novel reminded me of a Grimm's brothers atmosphere. That kind of dark setting with an optimistic charge forward.

"Stardust" involves a whole lot of groups. I'm gonna try to just list them all.
Starting point: A dying king throws an amulet to the sky and hits a star. (note: a star becomes a human in the magical realm beyond the Wall)

1. Whichever one of his sons finds the fallen star, becomes king
2. Three witches see the star and designates one witch to capture the heart of the fallen star. Heart of the fallen star: extend your mortal life
3. Tristan (our hero of the movie) promised to capture the fallen star for the attentions of a girl he crushes on

Guess who gets to her first?

Tristan uses a strong magical cord to bind the star in order to lead her to the crush. Alot of people have grumbled that kidnapping doesn't make you like the hero at all. It must be viewed in the context of the movie. He truly believes that he will capture fallen star. Not in a hypothetical sense but in the sense that it can happen. Who's to say that he would view that star as anything else but a star? It's a complete surprise to him when he realizes that the star is a human girl but he marches on forward. He's so blinded by his determination for his crush that he would do anything. I find that very sweet. Stupid. But sweet.

As he travels back towards his villages, they both encounter all the parties that are trying to get a hold of the star. They escape with the help of many allies including Robert Di Niro as a happy pirate. Along the way, Tristan discovers the strength within himself and questions the supposed feelings he has for the crush since he's starting to fall for the star.

Its a fun movie that I enjoy watching over and over again. It's not epic but it has all the satisfying goodies that will make me forget about reality. It's funny, romantic, and just plain cool.

I'm not a huge fan of Claire Danes (who plays the star) but I can easily over look that for Charlie Cox (who plays Tristan). Mmmm, he's such a cutie! When he sword fights, it is just delightful. Very, very delightful.

Dang it. Where the hell is that movie?!?!?

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