Monday, August 30, 2010

CryBaby (1990)

I would like to credit this movie as starting my first major crush on the enchanting creature named Johnny Depp.


With raging hormones and the beginning itchings of teenage rage, this movie was my ultimate teen movie. Every element in the movie fascinated me. From the twisted outlook on society of John Waters point of view, to the catchy soundtrack, and the rebelliousness freedom of the Drapes.

In this movie, there are two factions in society. The "Drapes" are the delinquents of society. Those that refuse to conform to clean cut images and music. Those that love to run around on bikes or wear sexy clothes. Then there are the "Squares" who are everyone else.

"Cry Baby" is a love story between a rich Square girl named Allison who falls for bad boy Cry Baby Walker. Despite the Squares flatly refusing to accept this match, the pair fight their obstacles to be together.

There is a background of catchy music and segments such as the children of one of the Drapes being put in an orphanage where the children are displayed like zoo animals!

Johnny Depp is such asexy beast in this movie! Especially when he's lying with Allison on the field after the concert.....OOOOOOO WHAT A GREAT SCENE!!!

One of my favorite parts in the movie is when Allison zooms off in a motorcycle to help Crybaby towards the ends. It's also the disappointing part of the movie since it ends really open ended. Drats! I wanna see more!!!

The more I think about this movie, the more I love it. It's funny, sexy, and fun. I guess I admire alot of John Waters movies(I LOVE Hairspray!). I really dig the way his characters are over exaggerated ideas of society with some weird quirk.

From Cry-Baby who plays a rebellious teenage leader of the Drapes who...... cries(in a very sexy tear ful way...)

Then there's Pepper(played by Ricki Lake) , a bad ass Drape gangmember.....whose pregnant.

Or Hatchet who is a blond and curvy woman....................with a face that can scare cows.

It's just fun twisted humor!

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Dor said...

loved lil ricky lake...go go go ricky!!!