Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moulin Rouge (2001)

I tend to get sleepy and melancholy when I start to drink. As I waited last night for my book club to start, I was promptly handed the remote control to the amazing flatscreen on the wall (everything looked a play was performing in front of me...) and the first movie my eyes lit on was "Moulin Rouge!". Sold.

I LOVE Moulin Rouge.
Love it.
Love it.
Love it.

Can't get enough of it. I don't know how many freaking times I've seen this movie and I still love it. It's got everything, EVERYTHING, I enjoy in a movie. Catchy remade pop music, crazy-fast cinematography, stunning and trippy visual goodies all over the screen, love story, and Ewan McGregor.

Oh....Ewan McGregor.

I thought he was awesome in Star Wars. I wanted him in Moulin Rouge. Bad.

"Moulin Rouge" is a star-crossed lovers tale.

You know that from the start. John Leguizamo is a midget who is crying right from the start, so you know it's going to end really, really bad.

Anyway, Nicole Kidman (so freaking sexy in this movie) plays a famous courtesan, Satine, of the Moulin Rouge (it's a brothel/ nightclub/bad-sexy-things-happen here kind of place). Ewan McGregor (swoon) plays Christian, a poor poet set upon the ideals of "the revolution" which are: "Beauty, truth, and love". With his friends, they make a play based upon these ideas and set their eyes on the only way to produce it: Harry Zidler of the Moulin Rouge.

In an effort to secure an audience with Zidler, Christian and his boheme friends find a way for him to have an audience with Satine, the closet way to get to Zidler. Christian gets the personal meeting with Satine and they both end up falling in love.

At the same time, the Duke (VILLAIN!!!), has set his greedy beady eyes upon Satine. Zidler encourages the Dukes affections in order for the Duke to invest and renovate the Moulin Rouge into a theater.

Even though, Satine is in love with Christian, she puts on her game face and makes lovey dovey eyes to the Duke. Convinced that he is love, the Duke cleverly holds the deeds of the Moulin Rouge until Satine becomes fully his. He agrees to invest.

To prevent the Duke from suspicion and to be together as much as possible, Satine chooses Christian's play to be performed at the opening of the theater. Bad move.

Oh there is so much more that goes on. It's a musical with clever pop music tie-ins, heart pounding dance numbers, and a romance that makes you sigh.

I remember when I first watched it, it made a huge impression. It was this movie that highlighted what I love about musicals. The music was used to heighten the emotion and was just fun. I'm still exited and giddy every time I hear Kylie Minogue cheerfully say, " I'm the green fairy!" and launches into the trippy sequence of absinthe.

Even though the score wasn't original, I knew the songs. I grew up with these songs. Now they have a new and even better meaning.

After I saw this movie, I don't cringe at hearing Elton John music anymore.

No matter how I'm feeling or what a crappy day I've had, I am always transported to a place of bliss whenever I see this movie.

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