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Colma: The Musical! (2006)

I'm currently involved in the production of a little ol' fan fiction movie. Holy cow, it is difficult and time consuming. I can only imagine how hard it is to make an independent movie. But to make an independant musical???!?! WHOA...

Imagine. Trying to cooridnate new actors/actresss into acting their parts the way you want them and add in choreography and singing numbers? Geez! That just blows my mind.

Do you know how difficult it is to coordinate a scene? Not even that, coordinating where to eat with your friends after a movie???

And even if your able to overcome all the technical difficulties of a musical, how do you go about making it enjoyable, fun, and with songs that will stick to an audience?( I'm not including major broadway plays here. I'm talking independant musicals and how many are there of that???)

Richard Wong directed a musical. It was the most amazing and sincere musical I have ever seen. I rate it pretty high in my list of musicals.

I got to see Richard Wong at a Q&A session after one of his screenings during the Visual Communications Asian Film Festival. I can't remember the name of this screening. It was a cool trippy movie about a guy running away from getting his heart broken. Wong had a guy follow around with an acoustic guitar. I loved the music. When Wong was introduced as the director of "Colma:The Musical", he was greeted with wild applause. Naturally I was curious to know what the big deal it was.

Yeah. It's a majorly big deal.

"Colma: The Musical" is set in a small town called Colma. Three friends have recently finished high school and are in a state of limbo. That in between state where you have the world to see but no means or know-how to get there. They spend their time either working part time jobs or crashing parties. There are alot of little story goodies dealing with relationships and the uncertainty of the future.

And they sing!!! My favorite parts are the bar and the party. That song that the female friend sings still plays in my head now and then[CRASH!...the party...hmmm hmmm]

Whether your fresh from high school or college, this movie would resonate with you. It doesn't matter of your from a small town or the big city. Everyone is always lost during this time. Even if you had some sort of future mapped out in your head, you will still be uncertain.

I also LOVE musicals!

The music is done by H.P Mendoza. The lyrics are just funny and amazing. Check it out(this is from the scene where the female friend, Maribel, is walking around the college party they just crash):

Twenty-one year old appeal
I can’t believe how young I feel
And it makes me feel I’m cool as shit
All the non-conformists gather
‘Round to show off wax and lather wit
Everybody’s cool as shit

And no one knows how young we are
We’re all on the same page
No one knows how young we are
That we are underage
Come on! Let’s do a shot
None for me
More for us

Crash the party and they’ll never know
[We’re on the slow and steady]
Act the part and they will never know
[I’m feeling cool already]
Crash the party and they will never know

Maybe I’m not cool enough
To understand this hipster stuff just yet
But there’s one thing I don’t get
Is that what we’re gonna be
When we grow up [What, Loud?]
You see? That’s great
Obnoxious seems to be my fate
As long as he says random things
With funny faces and make
Everything his random thing
There’s only so much I can take
Well, I think he rocks
In that sucky way
Let’s do a shot

Crash the party and they’ll never know
[We’re on the slow and steady]
Act the part and they will never know
[I’m feeling cool already]
Crash the party and they will never know
[This party really fucking blows!]

Is this the bathroom?
Yes it is
[You and me, let’s do a shot of straight Kahlua]
Is there someone in there?
[I’m taking a shit]
[Or perhaps you feel a shot of straight tequila?]
Maybe while I’m standing here
You could grab me an ice cold beer
Sure give me a second
Maribel, you’re being beckoned

[You’re sweating
So are you. You have paint on your face
So do you
No I don’t
Oh, well, I just came from rehearsal
So I didn’t have time to wash the paint off
You’re in a play?
Yeah. I’m a Thespian
Awesome! I’m an actor
I didn’t think I’d meet an actress tonight
Actually, I prefer to be called an actor
Oh, Right. Right. That whole woman thing
That whole woman thing?
Sorry, I didn’t…I didn’t mean…I mean
That’s okay
I should go
Can I get my beer?
Right. Sorry

Crash the party and they’ll never know
[Some things, you can’t reverse it]
Act the part and they will never know
[I’m such a stupid person]
Crash the party and they’re out the door
[We’re on the slow and steady]
Crash the party and then we’ll drink it all
[I’m feeling cool already]
Crash the party and they will never know

That was funny right? Just watch that scene and it is just HILARIOUS!

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