Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pillow Talk (1959)

The Doris Day movie that started my admiration for Doris Day. THIS is the THE movie to watch if you ever were curious about this lovely actress. This is the best entertaining movie that she has starred in.

She stars alongside with the HOT-but-gay Rock Hudson. I like to ignore his true sexuality and pretend he's straight. It doesn't matter his sexuality really. He plays such a charming and suave male that you cannot help but swoon.

I've been thinking of when to actually write a blog about this since I love this movie so much. A special day like my birthday maybe. Or some other significant moment.

Three reasons I'm writing this blog now:
1.I'm holding onto a pillow.
2. I can't fall back asleep.
3. My boyfriend is snoring next to me holding a pillow.

Sounds like a good reason to write about "Pillow Talk".

Doris Day usually plays about 2 types of characters. The lovable and innocent leading lady or the sexy and independent woman. She plays sweet for about 99% of her movies. She only does sexy in this one. To be accurate, naturally sexy.

From the opening shot of her in her apartment, she's only clad in a slip and she's rolling stockings up her legs. You know, I've never understood how these women manage to successfully roll up her stocking in a sexy way. I'm hunched over huffing and puffing as if I'm lacing up boots instead of nylon.

From what I understand (and bear with me since I tend to skewer historical details), getting individual telephone lines were impossible since they were still being strung across the country. Most people had to make due with sharing a line.

Doris Day plays Jan Morrow, who shares a line with Rock Hudson's character, Brad Allen. Jan's biggest problem is that Brad constantly ties up the line since he's always on the phone romancing strings of women. Fed up, Jan establishes a phone schedule where she takes, "the hour to the half hour," and he takes "half hour to the hour" or some schedule like that. Either way they each get 30 minutes every hour.

Brad is under the idea that Jan is an old,ugly lonely thing until he chances upon her in a nightclub. To prevent her from recognizing his voice, he dons a sexy, oh so sexy, cowboy drawl and introduces himself as Rex Stetson (hee hee, clever...'cuz Stetson is a know a cowboy hat?...heee hee).

So begins a romantic comedy of disguises and lies.

Oh this movie is so much fun! The dialogue is clever and funny. Day and Hudson are such a great acting pair (They were so swell, they made several more movies together).

The supporting cast just adds more fun from the hungover cleaning lady, the elevator operator who dotes on her, and the Brads friend/boss, Jonathan Forbes (hee hee...clever), played by Tony Randall.

Just try and get the theme song out of your head. Just try. And the "Rolly Polly Song"..I want to clap my hands.

By the way, Rock Hudson was gay but in the movie he was not pretending to be gay to get to Doris Day. I have seen a lot of people thinking this. That doesn't even make a remote flicker of sense. Brad played Rex to be the antithesis of Brad: sweet, innocent, kind, and caring. Watch the movie and see if you get "gay" anywhere in that plot point.
The ending of the movie is sweet and you just can't help but smile. Possibly wiggle a bit from how romantic it is. Maybe even squeal.

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