Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bebe's Kids (1992)

I don't care what anyone says about this movie. It is one of my favorite animated movies from my childhood.

I don't care that the animation was weird.
I don't care that Tone Loc was the voice of the baby.
I don't care the story is barely there.
I don't care that there was a musical montage for no apparent reason.
I. love.

It is awful and silly but I love it regardless. It's one of those movies that instantly transports me to my childhood. I can remember it now.Just sitting on the floor with my little brother giggling at the movie.

I rewatched it last year after spying it in a bargain bin.

I love going through the DVD bargain bin! I find so much treasure!! Movies that are barely less than a decade old that people just forget about! Score!

Even though I am much older and full of book learning,I still reall enjoy watching this movie. It's so silly, there is a whole part dedicated to a "Your Mama" jokes. Sweet.

"Bebe's kids'" has a bare thin plot. It involves a man, Robin,trying to impress a woman by treating her and her son to a trip to Funworld, an amusement park. To his surprise, he picks her up to find that there are three more kids that will be accompanying them to the park. Those kids are Bebe's kids. They are those kids that so misbehaved, you would mutter, "There goes the newest batch for the prison."

You never see who Bebe is but you can tell she is a deadbeat mother who doesn't take care of her kids. The type of mother who pawns them off to the nearest kind friend. That isn't even stereotypical, I know it occurs. I know it can be much worse.

The rest of the movie are just the crazy antics of Robin and Bebe's Kids. Those kids are freaking crazy! They do shit that I wished I have the guts to even think about.

When I was young, I remember thinking, "Wow....they can do that and no one gets mad?". Then I would look at my mother and wonder what would happen if I tried to run off from her and just do something crazy.

Just the thought of her glare would immediately erase any further thoughts.

This movie is really outdated. Think Arsenio Hall outdated. The humor is juvenile and stupid. The crazy situations are just crazy AND absurd. The story doesn't really progress anywhere. The biggest wrench in the whole thing is why even a woman like that would want a guy like him???

For those that grew up in the nineties, this was the humor we had though. There were alot of movie like this. ALOT. Compared to "Howard the Duck" or "Surf Ninjas (which I also loved)", it was just a speck in the huge spectrum of "WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH and WHY DO I LOVE THIS MOVIE?!?!?" of the time. Glance at my DVD collection and you will automitically question how erratic I am. I have "Pride and Prejudice" next to my "Animaniacs" collection for instance.

Just check out Nostalgic Critic's website for some visual sampling of what I had to watch when I was younger: (

Now that I'm older, I'm thinking, "Man those kids are jackasses...I bet they're fun to hang out with though..."

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