Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barbarella (1968)

This blog must come as a complete surprise since this is written by a female. I've only heard of guys loving this movie (no, ahem, surprise) .I will proudly say that I love this movie.

I have a few cult movies in my collection and this is one of them. "Barbarella" is one of the most sexiest, silliest science fiction cult movie there is. It has been highly referenced in almost all genres from music to books.

Jane Fonda bravely plays Secret agent Barbarella. After the coolest anti gravity striptease introduction ever made, she is summoned by Earth to track down Durand Durand (yeah the band was named after the villain), an evil scientist. On route, she encounters allies and foes that all seem hell bent in getting her as naked as possible. That is the whole story. That's it.

I love sex humor movies. They're so much fun and it is quite enjoyable to see conservative people squirm. This movie combines sex, sexiness, sexual innuendos, outright sex amidst a science fiction background. Lots of robots, laser guns, machines, and hookahs ( Essence of Man, snort).

There isn't much to write about this movie. It has to to be truly viewed in order to understand why there is such a strong cult following. I don't think this movie should be just for the pleasure of males. I know alot of my female friends that would truly love this movie since we share the same dirty humor. Come on, the Excessive Organ that is supposed to kill a person by pleasure? I cracked up so hard when Barbarella broke it. Jane Fonda's expression at that scene must have occupied alot of male minds.

There is an angel involved in this movie. A very hot, chiseled, blond angel...
mm... lemme wipe the drool away...
...anyway, there is a scene where he carries Barberella while flying in the air as she fires her laser gun at the approaching enemies. That was such an exciting part! I love that part! Although the angel dive bombs into the ground and is kind of a wet napkin. Oh well. Eye candy.

Oddly enough, I was introduced to this movie after my sociology class in my sophomore year in college. I still have no idea what compelled the professor to showcase this movie. The only introduction he gave was, "Check out Jane Fonda".

It was awful fun seeing the embarrassed faces of my male classmates that surrounded me after wards. Hee.

Pygar (the angel) : "An angel doesn't "make" love, he is love"

oh gag me.

Just shuddap and look pretty.

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RVN11B said...

I cannot begin to describe the bile I am fighting right now about this movie.

For a hard core SF lover, such as myself, I could not accept what I was watching take place on the screen in '68.

This particular piece of stuff nearly caused me to go blind with....oh never mind. I couldn't stand Ms Fonda then and I still can't. UGH!