Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Major and The Minor (1942)

I have no idea why I love this movie.

Ok, maybe I have just a few teensy weensy reaons why.

Brace yourself, it's another "aww-shucks- the hero-is -broke" movie.

A young woman named Susan played by Ginger Rogers(huzzah!) is completely, completely broke. She decides to go back home on the train to Iowa from New York. Except she only has enough money for the pre-inflation fare.So she comes up with a scheme to dress like a young girl to get half fare ticket.

(Pssst.....Ginger Rodgers was thirty in this movie.)

She's discovered by the train conductors and rushes into the nearest compartment. There she meets a nice young man named Major Kirby. He believes her to be a young girl and allows her to stay in it.

(Pssst....she's a thirty year old playing a young girl in pig tails....pig tails...)

She falls in love with the Major and decides to accompany him to the boys military school where he works. There she meets the Majors fiance and begins the odd love triangle.

The more she pines away for the Major, the more obstacles that get in her way. Obstacles like every single male student wants to date her. Everyone believes she's just a little teenage girl. Riiiiiiiiight.

Seriously, if this is the product of military school then I fear for national security.

She gets found out not by the Major but the fiance. The Majors fiance tricks Susan into revealing her true age by having her wear a beautiful ball gown.In what has to be the most awesome dramatic non violent cat fight I've ever seen. It's so simple but you feel the intense showdown between the two women.

Evil but understandable on the fiances part. Your essentially watching the point of view from the girl who steals the boy away. You should really be hating on this character, right?

Instead it is by the actinng power and charm of Ginger Rodgers that makes this movie a niche favorite. You can't help but cheer for her when she successully dupes a person. Rodgers is not only talented with dancing but also for her comedic powers. The part where she's a phone operator at the military school cracked me up.

There are a lot of clever sexual innuendos throughout the whole movie. There is the obvious pedophile nods but that is the just scratching the service.

I really scratch my head in this one. By all intents and purpose this movie is weird and disturbing. Plus, the story is very silly and unreal.Yet I really love this one.

Sometimes you just can't explain why you love somethings.

I think I'll blame the heat in rattling my head.

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