Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bride With the White Hair (1993)

There is a character that is widely referenced in alot of asian movies commonly seen as the bride/lady with the white hair. It was usually a powerful woman with long flowing white hair. She would be an expert on martial and magical arts. There were even a few variations in some thai fantasy movies. I assumed that she must represent either an idea or a goddess. So I'm not too sure if this movie started the whole idea or if it was from that idea.

Whatever the background, it's one of the most emotionally and sexually tense fantasy martial arts movie I have ever watched. I don't really have a strong stomach for alot of martial movies since I shut my eyes every time a blade flashes. It's a weird reaction. I can handle gun attacks without a hitch in my breath. The minute I see a blade and my body tingles from fear. I could only remember parts of Kill Bill

"The Bride with the White Hair" involves treachery, lust, love, and vengeance. There is a woman with white hair who is some sort of assasin for a demon joined siamese twin(They are joined in the back-weird). The connection is that she is the bride of the male siamese twin. The bride is set out to kill a young warrior who is opposing the evil group that the demon lord twins are leading. The warrior and the Bride fall in love ( there is an eye opening love scene in a I suppose I can watch it because it is essentially a romance movie. With alot of swordplay.

Several plot plots later, the bride is betrayed and she gets ROYALLY PISSED OFF. I've developed the reputation for being a snarling grumpy pants in the morning and snapping at people when they slack off work. Yeah, that's nothing. This woman is so pissed off that her HAIR starts attacking people. HER HAIR. Hair that is dead. Attacking. Like a cobra strike. This hair had the ability to stretch and extend every possible degree so no one could escape.

She makes me look meek and submissive.

The movie is subtitled so I can't really tell if the dialogue is great. The weird thing is that I thought this movie was much older since the footage seemed so grainy and there was that jerky action movements from the actors. I was really surprised that it was only made in 1993. Maybe this is the release date....I'm not too sure.

It's not the best martial arts movie. Alot of parts are really predictable but it was still enjoyable to watch. The swordplay is amazing no matter if you don't like the story. Alot of the acting seemed over the top but I'm used to that when dealing with this movie genre.

The part where they introduced the demon siamese twins was really disturbing to me. I kept imagining that if the brother made love to the bride, would the sister close her eyes? I doubt. I bet she would her head off. That's all she seemed to do. Cackle.

I didn't blame the bride one bit for getting pissed. She fell in love with the man and trusted him. She went through the most grueling and heartbreaking walk over HOT coals in order to break apart from the demons group and lose her powers. She sacrificed everything for him! Then he breaks her trust by not trusting her. He doesn't even talk to her before turning. The minute she was pissed I was cheering for her to kill every single bastard in that temple. When he vowed to wait on that mountain for her and she didn't show up, I just though: Good.

That part of the story surprised me. It really showed a lot of consideration that even a strong woman is vulnerable to love. All women are. It's so easy to be in love, right? Only grant access to the most vulnerable and raw part of you. Only trust in blind faith that the other person will love you back. Reality is, that isn't always true. Sometimes we make mistakes in trusting people.

If my hair was able to attack people whenever I've been That's quite a body count.

I just can't get over it.


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